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Sonos SUB (Gen3)

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Sonos Sub - the Wireless subwoofer for impressive bass

Pure bass without rattle - Two force-cancelling drivers prevent vibration and rattling, so you hear only pure, powerful bass.

Powerful and intoxicating
sound - When paired with Sub, all Sonos speakers deliver even more powerful sound and enhanced performance for higher highs and deeper lows.

Elegant design and unique sound experience - The award-winning and timeless design is characterized by its slim shape and glossy surface.

Latest technology - Even more memory and processing power for maximum performance and future updates of the sub.

Automatic software updates - Get better sound, new features, increased security and reliability with regular updates

Technology at its best - The Sub's sound ports conduct energy out of the cabinet to allow sound to flow out freely while a special resin damps vibrations.

Wi-Fi - Use your Wireless network for streaming and connect additional Sonos speakers to expand your sound system without wires.

Individual sound - TruePlay allows you to easily tune professional speakers and optimize the sound in your rooms.

Expand your sound system - Easily connect your Sonos Soundbar via Wi-Fi to the sub for immersive cinema sound or add more Sonos speakers for great sound in multiple rooms.

Easy to set up - From unpacking to the sound experience takes just minutes. Just plug it in and open the Sonos app.

Key specifications

Multiroom standard
Wireless transmission
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Very good83/100
hifi.deSingle testReleaseAugust 2023
  • PositiveRich bass with lots of power
  • PositiveSupports both films and music
  • PositiveChic design
  • NegativeHigh price
  • NegativeHigh space requirement

The Sub is Sono's answer to the question of more bass. Sonically, it can move a lot of air without stealing the show from your speakers. However, €850 is also a lot of money for only a small part of the audible sound spectrum. If the price is within your budget and you want to give your Sonos home theatre system the best bass possible, or rock out to every track on your favourite album, the Sonos Sub...

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