Audio racks + Cases

Audio racks and cases are specialized storage solutions designed to organize, protect, and transport audio equipment such as amplifiers, mixers, microphone receivers, and other gear essential for sound engineers, musicians, and event organizers. These products are crucial for safeguarding valuable equipment from dust, impact, and the rigors of travel. Most audio racks feature standardized sizes, specifically 19 inches wide, making them universally compatible with a wide range of audio devices. Cases come in various rack units (U) which indicate the height of the space available for mounting equipment. Those involved with music production, live performances, or event management find audio racks and cases indispensable for keeping their setup organized and ensuring operational longevity.

Among the leading manufacturers in this segment, Adam Hall delivers robustness and convenience with their highly regarded 19-inch rack drawer 3 U. This storage component integrates seamlessly into any standard rack setup, offering secure storage for accessories. Samson’s SRK12 rack, an example of sturdy design, enables users to house and arrange their gear reliably within a 12-unit rack space. Roadinger’s Rack professional 1U offers a slim and efficient option for minimal rack space requirements while maintaining equipment safety. Proel steps up with their Forced-ABS Case 3U, providing a tough exterior that stands against the strain of travel with a lightweight yet durable construction. Lastly, DAP-Audio’s RCA-DD12TOP showcases their commitment to secure equipment housing with a user-friendly design, enhancing mobility and ease of use for audio professionals on the move. Each brand focuses on delivering quality and functionality to meet the diverse needs of the audio industry.