Mobile phone screen protectors

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    Dbramante1928: a protective film made from recycled PET

    by Michelle Brändle

Mobile phone screen protectors

Everyday life holds many dangers for your smartphone display: intuitive operation with your fingers quickly leaves you greasy on the display and of course, the phone has already accidentally fallen off everyone. But: A dirty, scratched phone display annoys.

We offer you over 800 products to protect your phone display. They include over 500 protective films for all smartphone brands and sizes. You'll also find cleaning sprays and cloths to clean your phone.

A simple display film protects your phone screen from light scratches and smudges. Are you an outdoor fan? Then we recommend a display protection glass (e.g. from bulletproof glass), which can protect your mobile phone from display breakage as a result of falls. If you frequently use your phone outdoors, you may also appreciate an anti-reflective coating. Do you commute and want to prevent someone from reading your private messages on the train, for example? Then perhaps a film with eye protection is the right thing for you.

For complete all-round protection, we also recommend a mobile phone cover. You will soon be able to choose from over 50,000 products under mobile phone covers.