The stylus, also called stylus, is an input pen. With this stylus, you can operate the touch screen with precision. The plastic pens are popular for tablets, smartphones, handheld consoles, graphics tablets and PDAs. The digital pen is a popular tool for the graphic use of iPads and Windows Tablets. Together with the Surface Pen, the Apple Pencil is one of the best-known stylus pens. A little fun fact: Stylus actually comes from Stilus, which was a pointed writing instrument in ancient times.
A stylus is usually made of plastic and lies firm to the touch and practical in the hand. First and foremost is the attachment: the pen tip. This is made of soft plastic and prevents scratching or other damage to your touch screen. By the way, you'll also find replacement tips that can be replaced in no time at all.
For those who like to keep it practical, there are also stylus pens with integrated ballpoint pens. The hybrid form is still particularly popular with all those who like to switch between paper and screen.

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