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    Not for the electrosensitive: Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 tested

    by Martin Jud


A tablet is a portable, flat computer or multimedia pad. Completely housed in the shell of a touch screen, it can be operated with a finger or a pen. A tablet has a processor, memory and other modules that can be found in a notebook or in any other 2-in-1 device. However, processor performance and workstation memory are designed to deliver multimedia content and are therefore limited. A tablet also comes without a (fixed) keyboard and input devices. In comparison to mobile phones, tablets are larger and are generally not used for conventional telephoning and sending SMS or MMS messages. However, a tablet can be equipped with a SIM card (with data flat rate) for mobile surfing. Looking for a new tablet? We'll be happy to help you find it! On this page you can filter our extensive range based on various properties. You can do this in a flash by selecting your desired criteria in the navigation bar on the left. In just a few steps you will get an overview of all the devices that meet your requirements. You can then sort the displayed devices according to price, novelty or (positive) ratings. Android, iOS or Windows? That's a basic question. Not only the ease of use depends on the tablet operating system, but also which apps are pre-installed on the device and which can be downloaded later. The majority of available smartphones use Android, the operating system developed by Google. The Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface, on the other hand, rely on their own developments: iOS and Windows. Do you only use the tablet from time to time or are you a heavy user? Your answer is critical when it comes to processor power, memory and battery capacity, and the supported wireless standard. As with smartphones and computers, a multimedia pad only becomes interesting and valuable for everyday use through the numerous installed programs, called applications or apps. If you enjoy watching movies or playing games on the go, we recommend that when buying a tablet you make sure that the display is over 8 inches in size, has a high resolution (> 250dpi), is bright and preferably anti-glare, so that you can see everything even in the sunshine. For a smooth surfing experience we recommend a tablet with mobile phone standard 4G/LTE. Do you enjoy listening to music in good quality on the go? Then you will not be disappointed by a tablet with a first-class audio system (e.g. Harman Kardon). Tablets are also often used as e-book readers, i.e. as reading devices for digitized books. Do you want to store your content directly on the tablet instead of in a cloud? Then you'll appreciate a tablet with an internal memory expansion option using an optional Micro SD card. Which tablet accessories can pay off? If you use a tablet often but can't recharge it regularly, for example during holidays, we recommend buying a Powerbank. For optimum tablet protection, it's also worth investing a little money in a display foil and a cover. Our shop offers you a selection of over 150 tablets, including the top brands Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei MediaPad. You can conveniently buy all your devices online with a variety of accessories - from the tablet case, tablet keyboard, power supply, power bank, car accessories to a stylus.