Best Playseat products in the Gaming furniture accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Playseat products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Playseat seat slider

The Seatslider allows you to adjust the seat (just like the Seatslider in your car). Ideal for small children and those who are very tall.

2. Playseat Gear lever bracket Pro

The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is suitable for simulation racing drivers who have the highest demands on the material. With your gear shift on the Playseat GearShift Holder PRO you are ready for the most extreme and exciting games.
The Playseat GearShift Holder PRO is compatible with the Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Champion, Air Force, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, WRC and SV racing seats.
It is fully adjustable and can be mounted to the left or right of the chair.

With the Playseat® GearShift Holder PRO you leave your opponents far behind!


Compatible with Playseat® Evolution, Revolution, Gran Turismo, WRC, Forza and Nascar racing seats
Compatible with all gear shifts on the market
Patented steel-coated structure for extreme stability
Outstanding workmanship, stability and comfort
Can be mounted to the right and left of the chair
Height adjustment: 30 mm

3. Playseat Trophy

Are you looking for a real racing experience? You've just found it. Attach this gear lever and handbrake holder to your Playseat Trophy.

4. Playseat Playseat Gearshift Support

Black coated steel construction, suitable to hold the G27 gearshift. The holder is compatible with all Playseat models. Features of the product: The bracket can be mounted next to the steering wheel. 

5. Playseat Sensation Pro Left Sim Platform

Does a racing simulation get your blood pumping? Upgrade your cockpit with the Playseat® Sensation PRO - Sim Platform. Your handbrake is right where a winner wants it. 

6. Playseat TV Stand Tripple Package

Race like a pro with the Playseat® TV Stand - Triple Pack!

Looking for the ultimate racing simulation setup for your home? We have for you the Playseat® TV stand
- triple package! This set consists of the Playseat® TV Stand - PRO and the Playseat® TV Stand - PRO-3S. With this set you have a total of three screens on the mount. 

7. Playseat Sensation PRO Sim Platform - right

Bracket for gearsticks in Playseat Sensation PRO racing simulators, allows easy mounting of gearsticks or handbrakes, right side mounting.

8. Playseat TV Stand Pro

Enhance your Sim racing game setup with this stylish Playseat TV-Stand Pro. Playseat has all the accessories to allow you to race like a pro at home, including this silver TV stand on which your TV can be mounted for the perfect height and playback of racing games. 

9. Playseat Keyboard Holder PRO

Enhance your gaming experience with the Playseat® Keyboard Holder PRO. Designed specifically for the Playseat® Formula Intelligence and Sensation PRO, this accessory provides comfortable typing during long hours of gaming.