Best FiiO products in the Headphones category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best FiiO products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. FiiO FW3

The FiiO FW3 HiFi TWS (High Fidelity True Wireless Stereo) offers a wide range of features that allow music lovers to enjoy exceptional sound quality and a first-class listening experience. The FiiO FW3 is equipped with a high-quality AK4332 DAC that guarantees a brilliant listening experience and offers exceptional signal quality with a remarkably low distortion of only 0.0016%. The dynamic driver in fibre de carbone of 10 mm of the FW3 produces a sonorous quality that is truly sensational. Ce pilote a été conçu pour offrir une excellente réponse impulsionnelle et une résolution remarquable. The use of carbon fibre as a material reduces distortions and provides a clear and precise sound. The 10-band equaliser allows you to adapt the sound to your personal preferences. You can individually adjust the central frequency, the level and the band size for each frequency range and thus create your own personal sound. The frequency response of the FW3 has been carefully adjusted by experts in acoustics to ensure that every note and every sound are reproduced flawlessly. La puce Bluetooth Qualcomm QCC5141 garantit une connexion Bluetooth stable et donc un fonctionnement sans faille. En outre, le FiiO FW3 prend en charge un grand nombre de formats Bluetooth haute résolution tels que LHDC et aptX Adaptive. This allows a reproduction that is faithful to the original with a high level of detail and clarity. 

2. FiiO FW5

The FiiO FW5 is a true wireless earphone that lets you enjoy detailed hi-fi sound without wires. An integrated AK4332 digital-to-analogue converter from AKM ensures impeccable sound reproduction. This DAC has an excellent decoding performance and generates an unadulterated sound that is true to detail. The high-end Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm with Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a stable wireless connection between the earphones and your playback device. The three drivers used per earphone - a dynamic driver with a diameter of 10 mm and two balanced armature drivers - faithfully reproduce the entire frequency range and ensure a present, gripping sound with fast transients. Each earphone has two tactile buttons for easy control of volume, play/pause, song forward/back and answer/end calls. For clear, interference-free voice transmission during telephone calls, each earphone has two microphones with cVc noise cancellation technology. The earphones are splash-proof and can also be used in the rain. The earphones run for approx. 7 hours on one battery charge. A rechargeable battery is also integrated in the supplied charging case, so that both earphones can be fully charged twice, giving you a total of 21 hours of battery life when you are on the move. For a good fit in the ear, six pairs of earplugs in different sizes and shapes are included in the delivery. 

FiiO FW5 (No noise suppression, 21 h, Wireless)

FiiO FW5

No noise suppression, 21 h, Wireless

3. FiiO FT3 (32 Ohm)

With the FT3 (32 Ohm), FiiO presents an over-ear headphone with a dynamic Hi-Res sound that will make the hearts of its audiophile target group beat faster. While the open design allows for a slight air pressure balance and thus a particularly clear and spatial sound, it is above all the 60 mm driver that is the highlight of the listening wonder. Its mass alone enables it to deliver a higher output power than comparable models, resulting in less distortion and providing breathtakingly detailed bass, especially in the low frequency range. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the sound waves hit the ear canal at the perfect angle. A seemingly small detail with a big impact on your sound experience! The FiiO FT3 (32 Ohm) headphones cover a wide frequency range from 7 Hz to 40 kHz and open up a real firework of music experience for you. The beryllium-coated gasket is very light, inherently rigid and cleverly avoids distortion by perfectly handling the driver movement. The voice coil, made of Japanese copper-coated aluminium, responds precisely and quickly to incoming signals. N52 neodymium magnets ensure perfect control of the voice coil. The result: pin-sharp sound without unwanted interference. With an impedance of 32 ohms, the FT3 is perfect for portable music players. In addition to the FT3 (32 Ohm) headphones, you will receive a high-quality headphone cable with interchangeable 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm, 6.3 mm and XLR plugs so that the headphones can be used with a wide range of devices. Also included are two pairs of comfortable ear pads and a handy zippered leather case for storing the headphones. Listen in, enjoy the luxurious feel of the lightweight and robust aluminium housing and experience your favourite songs in redefined quality. 

FiiO FT3 (32 Ohm) (No noise suppression, Cable)

FiiO FT3 (32 Ohm)

No noise suppression, Cable

4. FiiO FD3 Pro

The FiiO FD3 Pro is an in-ear earphone with dynamic driver and semi-open acoustic design. FiiO has made the driver diaphragm from Diamond-Like Carbon - carbon that is almost as stiff as a diamond. The diaphragm is exceptionally light and responds particularly quickly to impulses. As a result, the FiiO FD3 Pro is able to reproduce music with fine resolution and free of discoloration. The diaphragm is driven by a 1.5 Tesla magnet for very robust bass and excellent high-frequency resolution. The semi-open design allows for a particularly natural sound and by equalizing the air pressure, there is less pressure on the eardrum, so there are no signs of fatigue even after hours of listening to music.

The housing of the FD3 Pro is made of very lightweight aluminum and magnesium, and the top is also finished with 2.5D glass for a great look. The high-quality braided earphone cable has MMCX connectors and comes with three interchangeable plugs - 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced. So you're ready for virtually any playback source. Good sound goes hand in hand with an optimal fit, which is why the FD3 Pro earphones come with various ear tips in different sizes and shapes and with different sound signatures. For further sound customization, the scope of delivery includes two interchangeable sound tubes: the larger black sound tube provides particularly detailed highs, while the smaller red sound tube delivers a robust bass. You also get a sturdy hard case where you can safely store and carry your earphones with accessories.

5. FiiO JH3

The FiiO JH3 is an in-ear earphone that uses two different types of drivers for a voluminous, cleanly resolved sound. The 13.6 mm diameter dynamic driver provides rich, energetic bass and full mids. The two Balanced Armature drivers produce precise high tones with a beautiful transparency. The three drivers are optimally matched to each other and generate a well-rounded, harmonious sound image. The pressure equalisation system used by FiiO minimises distortion and enables particularly fatigue-free music listening, even over long periods of time. The housing is made of a durable aluminium alloy and is cleverly designed with the wave-shaped pattern. The supplied high-quality monocrystalline copper earphone cable has a 3.5 mm plug, suitable for a wide range of portable devices, and 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors. This means that the cable can be replaced if necessary. Also included is a robust transport case and 7 pairs of earplugs in different shapes and sizes. 

FiiO JH3 (No noise suppression, Cable)
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FiiO JH3

No noise suppression, Cable

6. FiiO FD11

The FD11 from FiiO is an in-ear earphone with remarkable sound quality. Its dynamic 10 mm carbon-based driver provides an exceptional listening experience. Despite the use of high-quality materials, the FD11 has been designed at an affordable price - without compromising on sound quality. The FD11's asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits create a balanced magnetic field and allow for greater dynamic range. The result is powerful and accurate audio reproduction. The use of N52 neodymium magnets gives the FD11 high sensitivity and ensures an impressive sound experience. A special feature of the FD11 is the dynamic driver with two cavities. This innovative design allows precise control of airflow, resulting in detailed highs and powerful bass. The driver is able to handle fast transients with minimal distortion, resulting in a clear energetic sound. The C-shaped acoustic channel inside also reduces resonance and provides a clear transparent sound. The FD11's housing is made of a high-quality zinc alloy, giving the earphones a robust and attractive appearance. The ergonomic design of the FD11 has been specially developed by FiiO for high wearing comfort and optimal fit in the ear. The 2-pin cable with 3.5 mm plug is detachable. The FD11 is Hi-Res Audio certified and meets the strict requirements of the Japan Audio Society (JAS) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). This ensures that the FD11 plays back audio content in high-resolution quality. FiiO's FD11 is an impressive in-ear earphone that offers high-quality materials, innovative technologies and fine-tuned sound quality at an affordable price. It delivers an exceptional listening experience and is an excellent choice for passionate music lovers. 

FiiO FD11 (No noise suppression, Cable)

FiiO FD11

No noise suppression, Cable

7. FiiO UTWS3 2-Pin

Enjoy wireless freedom with your HiFi earbuds with Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity - whether you're at the gym or hiking, you'll be able to listen to your favorite songs in great quality and won't have to worry about weather conditions thanks to IPX4 water resistance. With the included charging case, the UTWS3 Bluetooth earbuds can be recharged on the go for up to 30 hours of listening pleasure.

Simply remove the original cable from your earbuds and connect the two earbuds to the MMCX ports on the UTWS3 Bluetooth earbuds. The two earbuds will both connect to a Bluetooth player simultaneously and easily. The FiiO UTWS3 is equipped with the latest Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chip. This provides a stable, lag-free Bluetooth connection with high-resolution codec support including aptX, AAC and SBC to listen to your music in near CD quality.

FiiO UTWS3 is equipped with the high-performance TPA6140A2 amplifier chip, which minimizes distortion and significantly increases output power for earphones with multiple drivers. It also features an analog volume control system that ensures optimal dynamic range and minimal signal-to-noise ratio. The FiiO Control or FiiO Music apps give you more control over your sound, letting you adjust the equalizer, channel balance, and more to suit your listening preferences. Even in noisy environments, you'll be heard clearly when you're on the phone or talking to your virtual assistant thanks to the dual microphone with noise cancellation. Even in particularly windy conditions.

8. FiiO FH11

The FiiO development team has created the so-called bionic shell for the FH11 earphones. The C-shaped acoustic tube design gives the earphones unparalleled sound quality. To achieve the ideal sound, high-quality materials were used and a 10 mm dome diaphragm voice coil unit was developed. The carbon-based dome diaphragm provides excellent high-frequency resolution. It also reduces vibration and non-linear distortion. The FH11's three-chamber acoustic design optimises performance in all frequency ranges. The division of the cavity into three chambers and the use of a damping system allow for harmonious and precise sound reproduction. Air pressure fluctuations are minimised and the response of the diaphragm is optimised. The earphone cup of the FH11 is made of a zinc alloy, which is produced by die-casting and refined by surface treatments such as polishing and electroplating. This gives the headphones a shiny texture and a unique appearance. The FH11's acoustic inner tube is designed in the shape of a small conch to improve low-frequency reproduction. It increases the viscosity of the air inside the earphone and lowers the resonant frequency of the cavity. As a result, low tones are reproduced particularly precisely and powerfully. The FH11 offers not only excellent sound and high-quality design, but also high wearing comfort. The contact surface between the earphones and the ear has been optimised for a comfortable fit. The included earphone cable with 2-pin connectors is interchangeable. The FH11 has been certified by the JAS Japan Audio Association and the CEA Consumer Electronics Association for its high-quality audio reproduction. It reproduces faithful sound and provides authentic live interpretation for an immersive audio experience. 

9. FiiO FH7S

The FiiO FH7S' hybrid acoustic design with five drivers per channel - four Knowles Balanced Armature drivers plus a dynamic driver - gets the most out of all frequency ranges. The dynamic driver provides rich, propulsive bass. The four Balanced Armature drivers, tailor-made for the FH7S, deliver natural musical voices, detailed highs and a realistic soundstage. For an extra boost, FiiO's patented S.TURBO acoustic design gives the FH7S extra deep and nuanced bass.The rounded design of the earphones is tailored to the human ear and fits snugly inside the ear cup. The FH7s are designed to be semi-open for a live concert-like sound. The grille on the earphones relieves pressure, which makes listening to music particularly fatigue-free, even over long periods of time, and gives the sound a pleasant warmth with a high level of detail and wide spatiality at the same time. Because sound tastes differ, FiiO supplies three pairs of sound filters with the FH7S (one already fitted), which can be exchanged yourself. This way, you can get the best out of the earphones for your individual needs: depending on whether you value a particularly powerful bass, specially emphasised treble or a balanced sound image, you insert the appropriate sound filter. The ear tips also have an influence on the sound of an earphone that should not be underestimated. Therefore, with the FH7S you get 19 pairs of earplugs with different sound signatures and in different sizes and shapes. A noble leather case with magnetic closure is also included so that the FiiO FH7S can be safely stored with all accessories. The high-quality earphone cable is detachable and has interchangeable 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm plugs. 

FiiO FH7S (No noise suppression, 0 h, Cable)


No noise suppression, 0 h, Cable

10. FiiO FH15

The FiiO FH15 meets the taste of a wide audience with its tuning. The FH15's detailed, vibrant sound with present voices and balanced bass, midrange and treble tuning is a joy to listen to with all styles of music. The FiiO FH15's hybrid acoustic design with four drivers per side - three Knowles Balanced Armature drivers plus a dynamic driver - gets the most out of all frequency ranges. The dynamic driver provides rich, propulsive bass. The three Knowles Balanced Armature drivers deliver natural musical voices, detailed highs and a realistic soundstage. For an extra boost, FiiO's patented S.TURBO acoustic design gives the FH15 extra deep and nuanced bass. Because sonic tastes differ, FiiO includes three pairs of sound filters with the FH15 that you can swap out yourself. This way, you can get the best out of the earphones for your individual needs: depending on whether you value a particularly powerful bass, especially detailed highs or a balanced, transparent sound image, you insert the appropriate sound filter. The earplugs also have an influence on the sound that should not be underestimated. Therefore, with the FH15 you get 16 pairs of earplugs with different sound signatures and in different sizes and shapes. A sturdy hard case is also included so that the FiiO FH15 can be safely stored with all accessories. The high-quality earphone cable is detachable and has interchangeable 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm plugs. 

FiiO FH15 (No noise suppression, Cable)

FiiO FH15

No noise suppression, Cable