Best InLine products in the PC component tool category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best InLine products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. InLine Screw set

Screw set with spacer for mainboards (PVC and brass), about 30 screws with different threads, cable clips and jumpers. 63 pieces.

2. InLine Screwdriver bit set, 45 pieces

45-piece precision screwdriver set with slot, cross recess and numerous bits.

3. InLine Pack of 100 Fan Screw

Fan screws, InLine®, 5x16mm, silver, bulk

- Phillips countersunk head screw

- for mounting case fans to PC case

- nickel-plated steel screws (SAE 1018).

4. InLine 12-in-1 Hobby Screwdriver Set

If the PC is to be assembled yourself or a hardware update is to be provided, many current housings facilitate installation with tool-free fastenings, but withoutthem you still often reach your limits. In addition to older housings, even modern cases cannot be operated completely without tools.

With this practical set the right screwdriver is always at hand. The scope of delivery includes a sturdy handle with exchangeable attachments, whereby a large range is available: (Cross) slot, torx and hexagon. The set is supplied in a practical and stylish imitation leather case so that the matching attachment is immediately ready to hand.

This means that the set is of course not limited to the PC as a field of application, but complements each tool set with a comprehensive and meaningful combination. Model builders and hobby craftsmen will also be happy with this.

Technical details
1x screwdriver handle
3x cross slot inserts: PH000, PH00, PH0
3x slot inserts: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mm
4x Torx inserts: T5, T6, T7, T10
1x Outdoor Torx insert: TN8
1x hexagon insert: HN2,5
1x imitation leather case

5. InLine Screw set (SUB-D mounting set)

The set consists of:

- 2x hexagon head screws (thread 7.8mm) with internal thread (UNC 4-40)

- 2x spring washers

- 4x washers and

- 2x nuts.

6. InLine PC screw set, 83 pieces

This practical box is ideal for service personnel and hobbyists with a certain tendency towards order.

PC screw set 83 pieces:
10 screws for case and HDD
10 screws
for CD-Rom and floppy drives
10 screws for housing and HDD with rubber washers
10 screws for CD-Rom and floppy drives with rubber washers
10 hexagon screws for case and mainboard
10 hexagon screws for CD-Rom and floppy drives
10x silicone washers
10x rubber washers
3x cable ties, 60mm

7. InLine Dust protection set for audio interfaces

3x dust protection RCA jacks and 6x dust protection for 3.5mm audio/microphone jack.

8. InLine Tool set for computers and electronics, 61 pieces

This comprehensive set for electronics and computers includes the most commonly used tools for repair and maintenance on your PC, TV or other electronic device andcomes in a convenient case. Even a soldering iron with soldering tin is included in the set. 

9. InLine Small parts empty box - A 6 - 18 compartments

Housing screws, thumb screens, spacers, small cables, vibration killers, etc... NEVER have them at hand when you need them, let alone find them at all. With itsmany compartments, the small parts box is the ideal place to store such utensils. Its transparent construction also allows an unobstructed view into the interior. This way you can see in advance whether it is worth opening the box.

However, there is one thing you should still bear in mind: Remember where you put the box.

approx. 210 x 115 x 30mm (LxWxH)

InLine Small parts empty box - A 6 - 18 compartments
PC component tool
6,14 EUR was 7,13 EUR

InLine Small parts empty box - A 6 - 18 compartments

10. InLine PC screw set

PC screw set 96 pieces

- 20 screws for housing and HDD

- 12 screws for housing and HDD with rubber washers

- 12 screws for CD-Rom and floppy drives with rubber

- 10 hexagon screws for case and mainboard, inch

- 10 hexagon screws for housing and mainboard, metric

- 10x Mainboard washers

- 6x plastic spacer

- 10x jumpers 2.54mm, 6x mini jumpers 2mm

- in practical box, ideal for service personnel and hobbyists.