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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Kodak Fun Saver Camera

If you want to take great pictures with ease and fun, the KODAK FUN SAVER disposable camera is the right choice.

Simply record great memories inside and outside.
more vivid colours!
With the Kodak 800 film for images with vibrant, vivid colors.

23 % better pictures
Compared to cameras with 400 film.

Easy to use manual flashwith a flash range of 1.2 m to 3 m.
The flash must be turned on before each shot.

2. Kodak Power Flash

Take great pictures outdoors and in low-light conditions. Integrated flash with automatic recharging and a range of 1.2 to 4.5 m

3. Kodak Fun Saver Flash

Short info: Kodak FunSaver - disposable camera - 35mm Group Cameras Manufacturer Kodak Art. No. 8617763 EAN/UPC 0041778617762 Product description: Kodak FunSaver - disposable camera - 35mm Camera type Disposable camera - 27 exposures Camera format 35mm Optical viewfinder Real-Image Camera flash Built-in flash Detailed information General Camera type Disposable camera Camera format 35mm No. of exposures Shots 27 Film Type Color Film Film Speed Range ISO 800 Lens System Type Lens Optical Viewfinder Type Real-Image Camera Flash Built-in Flash Distance 1.2 m - 3 m. 


Smart photo fun in a noble design - the AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Flash shows its qualities. The built-in flash makes this disposable camera an all-round talent. Simply pull the trigger - and you'll be able to put every happy round into the picture. The flash reaches four meters and illuminates the scene evenly. And because it recharges automatically, you are immediately ready for the next snapshot. LeBox Flash, FotoFun with flash: For indoors or outdoors, with a flash range of up to 4 meters. 

5. Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash

Quicksnap Flash is therefore suitable for almost all shooting situations, even in poor lighting conditions. The disposable camera can be used spontaneously, is easy to transport and delivers excellent image results.

For the sake of the environment, Fujifilm attaches great importance to the proper recycling of Quicksnap cameras. The Quicksnap cameras are recycled and reused in an elaborate process.

6. Fujifilm Quicksnap Duo

Unpack it, cake it, squeeze it, then take it to the post office. Fujifilm's disposable cameras are cult.

7. Kodak Sport Camera

Divers and snorkelers can take in the vitality of the underwater world at depths of up to 15 metres! Take snapshots of the beach or memories of skiing adventures. This robust camera works where others fail.

Divers and snorkelers can take in the vitality of the underwater world at depths of up to 15 metres!

Sturdy, durable and shockproof rubber housing.
Excellent for bumpy rides and stony paths. Do you like roller coasters?

No blurry images due to sunscreen smears on the lens. No scratches from sand and snow ruining the pictures.

Clear, detailed images! With Kodak Ultra Max 800 film (27 frames) for razor-sharp images like no other underwater camera.

For outdoor and daylight use only.

8. Kodak Tri-X 400

Black and white disposable camera with Tri-X 400 film. Single box with hanger Dimensions: 127mm x 40mm x 69mm Weight: 138 grams Lens: 30mm/f:10 Flash control: One-touch switch with auto off Flash range: 1m - 3m Battery: 1x AA. 

9. Kodak Daylight

Daylight Kodak Daylight SUCE single-use cameras are ideal for a variety of uses, including parties, weddings, and festivals. They capture special moments that would otherwise have been missed and are very easy to use. In addition, they are lightweight and easy to transport. Taking pictures with a disposable camera can be a lot of fun. Kodak Alaris presents a disposable camera for outdoor use with ISO 800 film, which is ideal for use on the beach. The camera offers a very good quality and delivers better pictures in all light situations due to the ISO value. It also impresses with 39 shots per camera and has a high-quality lens with a focal length of 1 m to infinity. The Kodak daylight single-use camera with ISO 800 film is particularly attractive in price and is perfect for taking pictures outdoors or for summer holidays at the beach. 

10. Ilford SUC HP5 Plus

HP5 Plus black and white Film, 27 Pictures with Flash