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1. Aqua Computer SPLITTY9 Splitter for up to 9 fans or aquabus devices

SPLITTY9 is a universal 9-pin splitter and can be used for 3-pin fans, 4-pin PWM fans or as aquabus splitter. When used as a splitter for a fan output, the white plug of the splitter labeled "input" is connected to the fan output using the cable supplied. Supply voltage and PWM signal are passed on to all nine black connectors, additionally the tacho signal of the connector labeled "rpm" is fed back to the fan output. When used as a splitter for the aquabus, the white plug of the splitter labeled "input" is connected to the aquabus connection of an aquaeros using the supplied cable. By setting the jumper to the "aquabus" position, all four aquabus lines are forwarded to all nine black plugs. Both 4-pin aquabus devices and 3-pin aquabus devices can be connected to the splitter. the splitter can be attached to the housing using self-adhesive Velcro straps. alternatively, four mounting holes are available. 

Aqua Computer SPLITTY9 Splitter for up to 9 fans or aquabus devices (1 x)
Fan controllers
17,72 EUR

Aqua Computer SPLITTY9 Splitter for up to 9 fans or aquabus devices

1 x

2. Lamptron SP105 Stroke

If you want to operate many fans in your housing or on your benchtable, you don't have to search long to find the right hub with the right number of connections. Lamptron has devised a hub to which up to ten PWM fans can be connected. The hub receives the PWM signal from the mainboard, the power supply either via a SATA or a Molex plug of a power supply unit. 3-pin connectors can also be connected to the hub. 

3. Aqua Computer Quadro

The Quadro is an innovative four-channel RGB controller for controlling Aqua Computer's RGBpx series of LED strips and also a PWM controller for four fans. In addition, four temperature sensors can be connected. The Quadro is connected to an appropriately equipped motherboard via USB 2.0 header. Configuration is then carried out via the aquasuite software. 

4. NZXT NZXT RGB & FAN Controller Black AC-CRFR0-B1 retail

NZXT RGB & FAN Controller Black AC-CRFR0-B1 retail (AC-CRFR0-B1).

NZXT NZXT RGB & FAN Controller Black AC-CRFR0-B1 retail
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37,50 EUR

NZXT NZXT RGB & FAN Controller Black AC-CRFR0-B1 retail

5. Akasa FC.Six

In order to adapt the cooling capacity and noise levels of the PC to its own and changing requirements, fan controls allow direct access to the speed of the fans. PC accessories specialist Akasa offers several such solutions for the 3.5" or 5.25" bay of an enclosure.

The FC.Six is a controller for the latter shaft with a width of 5.25 inches. It is particularly suitable for enclosures with a brushed aluminium front, as it is made of the same material. However, this noble-looking fan control in black, with blue LEDs above the individual channels, should also be an optical enrichment in combination with other materials.

The FC.Six can also impress in terms of functionality, after all, with it it is possible to regulate the fan speed on up to six channels, which even works down to a complete standstill of the fans. The high power of maximum 20 watts is provided per channel, which also allows several fans to be operated bundled via a Y-cable (not included).

The FC.Six itself is connected to the power supply with a four-pin Molex connector. The scope of delivery includes a manual as well as screws for mounting in a free 5.25 inch slot. Before purchasing, please note that the fan control knobs protrude 10.2 millimeters, which means that the front door of enclosures with a front door may not be able to be closed.

6. Lamptron FC5 V2

In order to adapt the cooling performance and volume development of the PC to the individual and changing requirements, this control enables direct access via four channels. The manufacturer Lamptron opted for a classic layout with rotary controls. These are accommodated on a solid, black 5.25-inch aluminium screen and are intended for corresponding slots. According to the manufacturer, each of the four channels can be loaded with a maximum of 30 watts. The stepless adjustment via rotary knob offers a bandwidth of 0 to 12 volts. Thanks to four freely placeable temperature sensors, the heat output can always be kept in view in order to select the optimum speed. The sensors are mounted on the tips of extra long cables. Since the 3-pin fan cables are also generously dimensioned, even remote locations in big-tower housings can be reached. The control unit is connected to the power supply unit by means of a 4-pole Molex and supplied via this. In addition to its high level of functionality, Lamptron's 5 fan controller also has a cool look. In addition to the choice of high-quality materials, the lighting is particularly striking. Thanks to multi-color LEDs, a total of seven colors can be displayed. They are selected via jumpers on the back. Further jumpers enable the change between the temperature units degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as the (De)activation of the alarm function. If necessary, this reports critical temperatures.

Note: The knobs protrude slightly so that installation is usually not possible in enclosures with front doors.

7. Phobya 4Pin PWM to 4x 4Pin splitter

With this PWM splitter from Phobya it is possible to power up to 4 PWM fans at the same time and to transfer the PWM signal of the first fan to all 4 fans. This makes sense for large radiators, for example.

The splitter is very compact and can easily be accommodated in the housing. The adhesive tape on the back allows the board to be attached anywhere in the housing, but optionally also with two screws on the outside holes.

8. Gelid Solution FC-MC01-B

The Gelid FC-MC01-B fan control riser is the perfect addition to your fan. It is simply clamped between the mainboard power connector and your fan and is ready for immediate use. The exhaust air speed is continuously controlled via the rotary potentiometer over an output voltage of 5 to 12 V. 

9. Razer Fan controller

Short info: Razer - Fan Controller - Black Group System Accessories Manufacturer Razer Art. No. RZ34-02140700-R3M1 Model EAN/UPC 8887910000168 Product Description: Razer - Fan Controller Product Type Fan Controller Package Contents DC to SATA cable (53 cm), micro-USB to 9-pin header cable (50 cm) Color Black Dimensions (width x depth x height) 7 cm x 10 cm x 1.865 cm Weight 80 g Features Fan speed monitoring, magnetic base, low profile, SATA-powered, custom fan curve profiles System requirements Microsoft Windows Detailed specifications General Product type Fan controller Package contents DC to SATA cable (53 cm), micro-USB to 9-pin header cable (50 cm) Width 7 cm Depth 10 cm Height 1.865 cm Weight 80 g Color Black Provided Interface Connector header 4-pin PWM x 8 Various Features Fan speed monitoring, magnetic base, low profile, SATA-powered, custom fan curve profiles System requirements. 

10. Phobya Touch 530

Phobya presents the "Touch 530", an innovative fan control that meets the high technical requirements of high-end cooling systems as well as the optical demands of demanding PC modders. These features make the Phobya Touch 530 - Fan Controller an attractive component especially for users of a water cooling system. Even the price-conscious user gets his money's worth here, since there are hardly any fadeable fan controls that provide this abundance of performance at this price level.

The Phobya Touch 530 is characterized by its simple operation via the touch panel. For each channel, the speed can be easily adjusted with the finger. Particularly suitable for computers with water cooling, as up to 30 watts per channel can be controlled, which means, depending on the performance of the fan, that even 9 fans (at <3W