Top-rated products in the PC component tool category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional repair technicians. Includes tools for screwing, opening, gripping, levering and probing - everything you need to repair consumer electronics equipment. And the ESD safe. Complete new development - no tool too much or too little. 

2. Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit

Mi Cordless Precision Screwdriver Kit with 24 bits. It features an Aluminum body and a built-in Li-ion battery with high capacity. The electric screwdriver is suitable for electronics or repairs of small appliances. The package includes a screwdriver, USB-C charging cable, replaceable bits and an aluminum case. 

3. InLine Antistatic wrist cuff

The antistatic cuff is used by experienced electronics and PC technicians to protect themselves from static electricity when working on a PC or other sensitive electrical equipment. The cuff is strapped around the wrist, the crocodile clip at the other end of the spiral cord is clamped to an earthed metal surface (e.g. radiator etc.) and the PC is protected against unwanted voltage transitions. 

4. InLine PC screw set, 550 pieces

Small parts have the unpleasant characteristic, following the entropy striving, of distributing themselves independently, so that in the end they can no longer be found at the latest at the moment when they are needed. Although order fanatics have devised sophisticated mechanisms to contain this natural process and sort the little beasts into boxes, we ordinary mortals have to accept that screws, nuts, etc. simply disappear and generally perish in chaos.

Don't despair - this practical set with an extensive collection of screws will help you to carry out all possible modifications and extensions on your PC. And thanks to the stable and, above all, lockable box, the natural effort of the screws contained in it to make themselves out of dust can be effectively least until the next opening.

Technical details
50x housing screws
50x HDD screws
50x CD-ROM Screws
50x SubD screws
50x Mainboard Spacer Screws
50x SubD screws for cable
50x fan screws
50x Washers for Mainboards
50x nuts
50x Mainboard Plastic Spacer
50x jumper short-circuit bridges 2.54 mm
2x 25 plastic feet for mainboards

5. Hama Mini screwdriver set

For all minor repairs in the home, PC, notebook, tablet and electronics sector. Indispensable for precision mechanical work, e.g. on electronic devices. The inserts (bits) are made of high-quality and robust steel. Handy and elegant case in leather look. Fits in every trouser pocket and drawer. Set consists of:. 1 sturdy aluminium handle with non-slip, ribbed surface. 9 interchangeable "Torque" bits. 4 interchangeable "hexagon socket" bits. 3 interchangeable "cross recess" bits. 3 "Slot" interchangeable inserts. 3 "Pentalobe" interchangeable inserts. 2 "Tri-Wing" interchangeable inserts. 

6. iFixit Antistatic bracelet

Antistatic wristband, elastic and adjustable, high resistance of 1 megohm. 2 m cable length.

7. Kinetronics Kinetronics ASG-M antistatic gloves

The gloves, which are made of a mixture of soft microfibre and conductive fibres, dissipate static charges on the one hand and, on the other hand, prevent dust attracting electrostatic charges when handling sensitive parts. 

8. OWC 72-piece electronics repair toolkit set

The OWC Advanced Toolkit is perfect for repairing, maintaining and upgrading computers, appliances, game consoles, stereo systems and other electronic devices and gadgets. Whether you do repairs at home or are a seasoned professional, this is the toolkit, made in OWC quality, that will help you handle any project that comes your way with ease. 

9. iFixit Antistatic mat (EU145202-5)

During repair and maintenance of smartphones, tablets and laptops, sensitive electronic components can easily be damaged by electrostatic discharges. The IFixit antistatic mat provides reliable protection and is ideal for mobile use due to its small packing size when folded. Two crocodile clips, one of which is connected to an electrostatic wristband via a flexible spiral cable, are used for earthing. 

10. Aquatuning Insulating Tape 5-pack

Insulating tape in pack of 5. Various colours. Width 18mm, length of the roll is 10m.