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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit

Mi Cordless Precision Screwdriver Kit with 24 bits. It features an Aluminum body and a built-in Li-ion battery with high capacity. The electric screwdriver is suitablefor electronics or repairs of small appliances. The package includes a screwdriver, USB-C charging cable, replaceable bits and an aluminum case. 

2. CoreParts Cordless airblower for

Cordless airblower for.

3. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional repair technicians. Includes tools for screwing, opening, gripping, levering and probing - everything you need to repairconsumer electronics equipment. And the ESD safe. Complete new development - no tool too much or too little. 


Satel INTEGRA 256 Plus alarm centre motherboard, from 16 to 256 lines and outputs

Thanks to their compliance with EN50131 Grade 3 requirements, the INTEGRA Plus
series control panels are ideal for advanced security systems in buildings exposed to a higher risk of burglary - e.g. banks, jewellery shops and public buildings. They are characterised by extended functionality, allowing the control panels to be used for access control or in building automation systems.

- Full compliance with the EN50131Grade 3 series standards

- built-in advanced 2 A+1.5 A power supply with advanced diagnostics

- Operation of up to 256 lines with the option of parameterising the terminating resistor and operating a 3EOL line

- USB port for parameterisation via PC

- Possibility of dividing the system into 32 areas and 8 partitions

- Expansion up to 256 freely programmable outputs

- Communication buses for connecting operating units and expansion modules

- Built-in telephone dialling device with functions for connection, voice notification and remote control

- Operation of the alarm system via touchscreen control panels, LCD control panels, area keypads, hand-held transmitters and access cards as well as remote access via PC or mobile phone

- 64 independent timers for automatic control

- Access control and home automation functions

- Storage of up to 24575 events with the function of printout

- Support for 240+8+1 users

- Possibility of updating the firmware via computer

- the possibility of not reporting the SATEL server error to the alarm centre (INTEGRA firmware 1.16 or newer).

5. Corsair PC DIY Precision Toolkit

PC DIY Precision Toolkit.

6. Thermal Grizzly Delid-Die-Mate For Intel 13th Gen

Delidding tool for 12th & 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs, made of aluminium, black and red anodised.

7. Digitus Precision Mechanic Screwdriver Set, 57-piece

The DIGITUS Toolset contains a large selection of screwdriver bits and comes in a handy aluminum box that is easy to transport and quickly ready for use. The screwdriverbits are manufactured of high-quality S2 tool-grade steel and thus robust and durable. Particularly for the repair of smartphones, the installation of computer accessories or for model construction, the right screwdriver bit is always available. 

8. Alphacool Icebox

All tools, angles and other necessary products needed for bending HardTubes can be found in this case.


1. complete equipment for the ambitious HardTube
2. mounting of all bending radii on the mounting plate possible
3. unique, 3D bending of HardTubes possible
4. no more tools needed
5. stable and noble case in which all tools are stored tidily

The Alphacool Ice Case is probably the most extensive collection of tools to bend HardTubes, with 13 or 16mm diameter, into almost any shape. All tools have a separate place in the large, noble and sturdy case. This means that all parts are clearly arranged and tidied up.

With the rubberized gloves you have everything under control and are protected against splinters and dirt. With the deburring tool the HardTubes can be deburred wonderfully. This is mandatory so that they can be properly plugged into the corresponding connections. A long and stable saw and a cutting gauge simplify the cutting of HardTubes. The cutting gauge can be attached to a table edge with special, enclosed screw clamps. The inside of the cutting gauge is rubberized to prevent scratches and slipping of the HardTubes. With the extensive measuring tools not only the lengths but also two or more angles can be measured simultaneously. This greatly facilitates the planning and execution of various bends. An extensive range of bending radii and angles can be built up on the bending plate to actually bend the desired shape perfectly. The basis here is supplied by two bending feeders of different sizes and two circular-arc feeders. This allows all classic bending radii to be carried out. The fitting stops can also be used to simulate the depth of an Alphacool fitting. This ensures precise measurement and perfect bending when using Alphacool products. Alternatively, the feeders with pin stop can be used if other products should come into play.

On the bending plate there is an area on which specially created or very special bending forms can be realized. For this purpose, there are special Flex bending feeders in the case which can be positioned almost freely. A 30° angle followed by a 2cm long straight line and another 20° angle is required? No problem, almost anything is possible with these bending feeders. The whole thing will be extended by a real highlight. Instead of just bending on a 2D surface, Alphacool supplies flexible 45° and 90° bending feeders in this case. This allows an angle from the surface to the height to be realized. The flexible angles can also be tilted. This means that the angle is not fixed to be able to bend only vertically upwards, but can also be turned horizontally by up to 180°. A corresponding angle display helps to set the desired angle. Silicone inserts for HardTubes with 13 and 16mm diameter are included to complete the package.

A comprehensive manual showing all functions and possibilities of the icecase can be downloaded from the Alphacool website.

9. InLine Screw set

Screw set with spacer for mainboards (PVC and brass), about 30 screws with different threads, cable clips and jumpers. 63 pieces.

10. Xiaomi Precision screwdriver kit pro QWLSD012 + electronics repair kit

Electric precision screwdriver HOTO QWLSD012 electronics repair kit The HOTO QWLSD012 kit will come in handy for minor repairs to your laptop, smartphone, watch,camera, etc. In the package you will find a precision screwdriver and various types of bits, magnetic pad, tweezers, undermining tools, etc. On the other hand, the dedicated case allows you to store all the items in one place and keep them in order. You also don't have to worry about losing them. Precision screwdriver With the precision screwdriver, you can quickly and conveniently screw in screws. It offers 2 levels of torque (0.05±0.03N-m and 0.2±0.08N-m), so you can adjust its performance according to the equipment you are repairing. It provides quick and convenient installation of bits, and has an LED backlight. In turn, the non-slip finish increases the comfort of use. In addition, it is distinguished by convenient charging - just place it in the case. Bit set In the case you will find a number of durable bits made of S2 steel, which will prove useful in various situations. The package contains bits of 45 mm (e.g. Phillips, flat, hex) and 28 mm (e.g. torx, posidriv, triangular). With their help you will repair small devices, including a watch and a smartphone. Multifunction tools In addition to the screwdriver and bits, the kit includes such items as tweezers, undermount and opening tools, an anti-static band and a magnetic pad. What's more, the suction cup will allow you to quickly and conveniently remove the back of the smartphone case. On the other hand, a set of cubes made of durable material ensures durability and makes it easier to open narrow slots, such as in a laptop. Built-in magnetizer/demagnetizer The case has a built-in magnetizer that will improve the magnetic properties of the bits. In turn, the demagnetizer eliminates electromagnetic field interference, which will allow you to repair your laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera or watch. In the set precision screwdriver case magnetic pad bits: 45 mm (Phillips PH0/PH1, flat SL2.0, hex H2.0, torx security T8H/T10H); 28 mm (Phillips PH000/PH00, flat SL1.5, hex H0.7/H.09 /H1.5, torx T2/T3/T4, security torx T5H/T6H/T9H, pentagon P2/P5, pozidriv W1.5, Y-shaped Y0.6, tri-wing TW1, U-shaped U2.6, triangular 2.3) undermining tool x3 (straight, curved, metal) plastic undermining tool x3 tool for opening devices anti-static band set of undermining cubes x5 tweezers x2 (flat, curved) suction cup USB charging cable Manufacturer HOTO Model QWLSD012 Dimensions (case) 215.5 x 121.8 x 26.5 mm Charging port USB-C LED backlight yes Torque level I: 0.05±0.03N-m; II: 0.2±0.08N-m Material (bits) S2 steel. 

Xiaomi Precision screwdriver kit pro QWLSD012 + electronics repair kit
PC component tool
81,74 EUR

Xiaomi Precision screwdriver kit pro QWLSD012 + electronics repair kit