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    Qi2 – Apple and Android's shared standard for wireless charging

    by Lorenz Keller

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USB chargers

What would a cell phone or tablet be without juice? Looking for a power supply or USB charger for your smartphone or tablet? Our online shop offers almost 1000 products for mobile power supply, so to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile devices can be charged classically via a power supply via (Micro) USB connection, a Lightning or wirelessly. If you can't recharge the battery while on the move, you can use a Powerbank to recharge the battery (see navigation bar under "Powerbank"). Some models now offer more than 30'000mAh battery power.

Especially popular is Qualcomm's new quick-charging technology. Thanks to "Quick Charge 3.0", compatible devices can be charged up to 75% faster, according to Qualcomm. Twice as fast as "Quick Charge 1.0" and 38% more effective than "Quick Charge 2.0".

The latest mobile phones also have a so-called USB type C socket, which supports higher currents (up to 3A) and faster data streams (up to 10GBit/s). Compatible power supplies (usually included in the scope of delivery) enable particularly fast charging: an average 3000mAh mobile phone battery should be 60 percent full within 30 minutes via a Type C interface.

Mobile devices can also be conveniently recharged via an inductive charging platform, docking station or a smart cover with charging function. Simply place the mobile device on the charger or wrap it in the protective cover and the battery will be recharged. Car chargers that can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously are also very practical for car drivers.

There are now also some very aesthetic wireless charging docks or wireless charging stations that you can set up at home to conveniently charge your own devices or those of your guests.

Wireless charging is growing rapidly, and we want to give you as many options as possible so you can charge your phone and tablet wirelessly. There are charging stations for single phones and wireless charging stations for multiple smartphones. Sometimes it is also possible that a charging station has an additional space for a Smartwatch, e.g. the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or the Apple Watch.

Whatever charging technology you are looking for, we have the right products for you.