Water cooling reservoirs

Water cooling reservoirs are an integral component of any custom liquid cooling system, designed to hold the coolant necessary for transferring heat away from critical hardware components like the CPU and GPU. These reservoirs serve not only a functional purpose but also add an aesthetic appeal to PC builds, with their clear and often customizable designs. Enthusiasts in the PC gaming and overclocking communities regularly use water cooling reservoirs to maintain optimal system temperatures and to showcase their high-end setups with a touch of personal flair.

Among the leading brands in the water cooling reservoir market, Stealkey Customs stands out, offering products like their Lian Li O11D Mini MK1 Distroplate DDC - Acrylic, which combines performance with a sleek, space-efficient design tailored for specific computer cases. Aqua Computer brings sophistication to the table with their ULTITUBE D5 100 PRO LEAKSHIELD expansion tank, known for its advanced safety features and premium quality. EKWB is another heavyweight, presenting the EK-Mana G2 PC-O11D EVO DDC D-RGB Distro Plate - acrylic, which integrates seamlessly with RGB lighting systems to create a visually stunning and thermally efficient PC. Alphacool's offerings, including the Aurora D5 Acetal/Glass Ice Bucket - 150mm incl. Alphacool VPP Apex D5, focus on durability and high-performance cooling. Lastly, Raijintek satisfies the demand for both functionality and style with the ACHERON 240 RBW Distro Plate - Acrylic, D-RGB, featuring dynamic lighting and robust cooling capabilities. Each brand brings unique designs and technologies to cater to various preferences and system requirements, ensuring that there's a water cooling reservoir for every custom cooling project.