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Sonos Port (Airplay 2, Airplay, Wi-Fi)

Sonos Port

Airplay 2, Airplay, Wi-Fi

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3 years ago

Are the RCA outputs amplified or not? I have two Beolab 8000 speakers that are amplified and are connected via RCA (one for each) so cannot connect to an amp...


3 years ago

Helpful answer

No, with a Port you need to use the active amplifiers in your (excellent) speakers. Port is great to use with B&O speakers - since Port also has a power-out, which you use to fire up the Beolab amplifiers. I have 4 Beolab 6000 connected to two separate Sonos Ports and it works beautifully.
Get one of these cables and you are all set. Or, if you can, make one

There is only one issue and that is that the power-out on the Port is 12V and B&O speakers really only need 5V to switch on the amps. If you REALLY want to be on the safe side you can reduce the 12V to 5V with a 5V linear or buck regulator, which is not hard to do. Alt. have someone help you. I have not done this in my setup, but I know that I probably should...
One more thing: you cannot use a Port in a 5.1 or so setting so you are stuck with 'stereo'. Disappointing, but Sonos doesn't want to make it too easy to use non-Sonos speakers, I guess. It might also be a latency issue. Anyway...
Good Luck! / U