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Sony UBP-X800M2 (Bluray Player)

Sony UBP-X800M2

Bluray Player

Question about UBP-X800M2 - 547110


1 year ago

Can this machine play region 1 dvds?


1 year ago


The region codes for Blu-ray Disc Players use letters instead of numbers to indicate a particular zone or region where the discs can be played. 

Your player has a region code printed on the rear of the unit and will only play BD/DVD VIDEO labeled with identical region codes.

The Blu-ray Disc region codes are as follows:

Region A: North America, South America, U.S. Territories, Japan,

South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia
Region B: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
Region C: Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia)
Region FREE: This is not an official setting, but discs that have the region FREE symbol either have no flag
set or have all region flags (A, B & C) set.

The Blu-ray Disc device or drive will support playback of Blu-ray Disc purchased in the same region unless
otherwise specified in the player or computer documentation. In other words, computers and Blu-ray Disc players
purchased in countries corresponding to region A can play back Blu-ray Discs for region A, but cannot play
back Blu-ray Discs for region B or region C. (The exception is a disc, player or drive coded as Region FREE.)
The same will be true for a computer or Blu-ray Disc player purchased in another region.

Sony Europe

1 year ago