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WD Red Plus (8 TB, 3.5", CMR)
199,– EUR 24,88 EUR/1TB

WD Red Plus

8 TB, 3.5", CMR

Question about Red Plus - 515731


2 years ago

Hello Together I have a QNAP NAS TS-453 with 4 drive bays. My two current disks are WD80EFAX (WESTERN DIGITAL WD Red Plus (SATA-III, 8 TB)). Unfortunately I can't find these drives anymore and I suspect that this one (WD80EFZZ) are the successors of them. Can I buy these without any problems and use them in the other two slots? Or is there a problem between the disks? Basically, I want to upgrade the NAS with an additional 2× 8TB. As of today, 2× 8TB disks WD80EFAX, RAID 1. Thanks for your help =)


2 years ago

Helpful answer

When replacing, it is not so important to buy exactly the same disk, but it is important that all disks either use the CMR recording format, as with the WD80EFAX, or the SMR method. This WD80EFZZ can also use CMR, so it's a good match.