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be quiet! 12VHPWR (60 cm)

be quiet! 12VHPWR

60 cm

Question about 12VHPWR - 524789


1 year ago

news : 7th Nov 2022 The reason for the delay is reportedly Gainward decision to replace the 12VHPWR adapter for their RTX 4090 GPUs. This change has not been communicated by Gainward, nor NVIDIA. However, the retailer claims that this change will affect other board partners as well. The retailer expects Gainward to provide replacement cables by mid-November, which is when the orders can be fulfilled. According to the retailer, the change is likely due to reported issues of overheating/melting. about bequiet cable : I noticed Bequiet's 12VHPWR adapters also went off sale and 'discontinued' for a couple of days before re-appearing on UK retail website CCLonline with a new shipping date of 'Coming Soon.' I bet they had to recall the original first wave batch of adapters and remake them more robustly. source videocardz

David Raemy

1 year ago

Thank you for the info. :)