Baby food makers

Your baby should get only the best, also in terms of food. Sure, breastfeeding is the best - but what if you want to start off slowly with solid food? First you start with porridge and add it to the breastfeeding formula. You can either buy the porridge ready to eat or make it yourself. The advantages of homemade porridge are obvious: you know exactly what you are feeding your baby and what ingredients are used in the porridge. You can use a normal pot or the food processor. But there are also special devices for preparing baby food. So-called baby food cookers or baby food preparers make your life much easier because they combine at least four functions in one device: You can gently steam cook, mix or puree, warm up and even defrost. All in one appliance. Steam cooking preserves most vitamins and minerals, and the defrost or warm up function lets you warm up ready-made baby cereals or bottles of breast milk. This saves you the bottle warmer and gives you more space in the kitchen.

The various devices differ mainly in design, colour, size and capacity of the containers. A volume of about one litre should be enough for up to four meals, depending on hunger and age. A top seller is the Avent steam cooker and blender, but you should also take a look at the models from Béaba, Babymoov, reer or NUK and decide on the design and functions that make it easier for you to prepare fine food for your baby.

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