Complete nurseries

Our complete baby rooms from brands like Pinolino, Bisal, Schardt or Roba make it easy for you to choose a beautiful baby room. The baby rooms available in our online store differ in design and different furniture dimensions. The complete rooms always consist of a wardrobe and a baby bed. Many sets also include a changing unit. All the furniture included in the set has the same design. This way you don't have to search for all the single pieces of furniture and you are sure that your baby room is in a uniform style. The dimensions of the individual pieces of furniture can be found in the product description.

Most complete baby rooms are either made of solid wood or MDF. Design-wise, white furniture continues to be in trend this year. In addition, there are more playful elements, which, for example, the brand Roba picks up with their monsters on the furniture. Maple and wooden elements as well as splashes of gray are also in demand.