Engravers are machines used to engrave patterns or lettering into a surface such as metal, glass, plastic or wood. There are different ways to make an engraving.

laser engraver burns the engraving into the material with a laser. They are ideal for materials such as acrylic, glass or softer metals. The engraver cuts the engraving into the material with knives. If you want to work on harder materials such as wood or metals, the engraving machine is the right choice. Unlike the machines, with an engraving pen you can cut your patterns freehand into the material and do not need any software to manage the patterns and fonts.

When buying an engraver, make sure that the objects you want to engrave fit into the engraver and are not too large. Depending on the type and performance of the engraver, the accuracy and speed of engraving will also be higher in order to produce more complex patterns.

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