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1. Panini Batman: King of Fear

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF, BATMAN? When Batman delivers his arch-enemy Joker to Arkham Asylum, he is attacked by the inmates of the insane asylum for insane super criminals. One of the inmates, the equally insane psychiatrist Jonathan Crane, who as Scarecrow terrorizes his victims with terror and fear, uses the favor of the hour to escape - and when the Dark Knight takes up the pursuit, he is confronted as never before with his greatest fears, his mental wounds and his own madness ... The US miniseries BATMAN: KINGS OF FEAR as a German premiere complete in one volume, written by Batman veteran Scott Peterson (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES) and drawn by comic book legend Kelley Jones (BATMAN), one of the greatest Batman cartoonists of all time!. 

Panini Batman: King of Fear (Kelley Jones, Scott Peterson, German)
16,99 EUR

Panini Batman: King of Fear

Kelley Jones, Scott Peterson, German

2. Panini Batman & the Joker: The Deadly Duo

In order to stop the gruesome Joker monsters spreading terror and death in Gotham City and to save his friend James Gordon, who is in the grip
of an unknown, sadistic enemy, Batman is forced into a pact with his arch-enemy the Joker. The trail the Midnight Detective follows leads him to industrialist and genetic researcher Donald Simms - and eventually, together with the Joker and Harley Quinn, to an abandoned underground system deep beneath the city. Here he meets his true adversary - a figure resurrected from the dark grave who is celebrating a wedding of the dead!
The extra thick, extremely dark finale of the spectacular Batman/Joker saga by superstar Marc Silvestri (Witchblade, Uncanny X-Men). A Batman horror-fest for every comic book fan!


Panini Batman & the Joker: The Deadly Duo (Marc Silvestri, Alexander Rösch, German)
22,– EUR

Panini Batman & the Joker: The Deadly Duo

Marc Silvestri, Alexander Rösch, German

3. Panini Berserk: Ultimate Edition

War is raging in Midland as Guts finds a new home with the Falcon mercenary force. While Griffith's troupe makes a name for itself on the battlefield and at court, no one expects ill will from the nobility. And in the background, Zodd the Immortal is already stirring, boding great doom for Guts.... 

Panini Berserk: Ultimate Edition (Kentaro Miura, German)
19,– EUR

Panini Berserk: Ultimate Edition

Kentaro Miura, German

4. Panini Star Wars: The Complete Comic Strips

This second of three volumes contains the classic Star Wars comic strips from 1980- 1982 in their original publication run. Included are each Sunday's title caption and "bonus" panels in carefully restored original color, making this the first ever complete collection of this classic comic. The longer seven-day stories begin with "Han Solo at Stars' End" - based on a novel by Brian Daley and adapted by Archie Goodwin and Alfredo Alcala - followed by seven full adventures by the legendary team of Archie Goodwin (text) and Al Williamson (artwork). This duo had previously worked together on a wide variety of comic magazines, the comic Flash Gordon, and thirteen years on the comic strip Secret Agent Corrigan. This volume contains all the comics published from October 6, 1980 to July 25, 1982.

"The Goodwin-Williamson strips became the benchmark in Star Wars storytelling because they are everything Star Wars should be: exciting, romantic, amusing, tragic, thought-provoking, and told in a grand setting. You can practically hear John Williams' soundtrack in the background as you immerse yourself in each of these stories." - From the introduction by Rich Handley.

Panini Star Wars: The Complete Comic Strips (Alfredo Alcala, Al Williamson, Archie Goodwin, German)
49,– EUR

Panini Star Wars: The Complete Comic Strips

Alfredo Alcala, Al Williamson, Archie Goodwin, German

5. Panini Wonder Woman - Goddess of War (Deluxe Collection)

THE COMPLETE WONDER WOMAN SAGA BY MEREDITH AND DAVID FINCH In the human world, she is known as Wonder Woman, who joins the ranks of the Justice League alongside Batman and Superman to protect humanity from overwhelming dangers. On Themyscira, the mysterious paradise island of the Amazons, she is known as Princess Diana! But now she's become a queen - and a goddess of war! When the Amazons plot her overthrow and the god of war Ares also appears on the scene, it sets in motion events that will shake even Olympus of the gods ... The fantastic Wonder Woman saga from top cartoonist David Finch (BATMAN) and writer Meredith Finch (Xena: Warrior Princess) complete in one volume. 

Panini Wonder Woman - Goddess of War (Deluxe Collection) (David Finch, German)
59,– EUR

Panini Wonder Woman - Goddess of War (Deluxe Collection)

David Finch, German

6. Panini Crossed Monster Edition

The toughest, grittiest post-apocalyptic horror series on the market is now available in merciless deluxe anthologies! After the end of civilization, the survivors are terrorized by the barbaric Confirmed and by the remaining psychopaths. 

Panini Crossed Monster Edition (Garth Ennis, German)
39,– EUR

Panini Crossed Monster Edition

Garth Ennis, German

7. Panini Locke & Key Master Edition

ON THE THRONE The darkness of the past and the violence of the present are inextricably linked by the secrets of the Keyhouse and the magical keys. However, Tyler and Kinsey Locke have no idea that their little brother Bode's body has been taken over by the vengeful spirit responsible for all the suffering in their lives-and who wants to make things much worse by opening the Black Door! And so it comes to a final brutal, bloody battle in which the Locke kids and their friends must fight evil on the front lines.... The third deluxe anthology of the innovative, award-winning horror masterpiece LOCKE & KEY by bestselling author Joe Hill (Devil's Stuff, Blind) and artist extraordinaire Gabriel Rodríguez (TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE). 

Panini Locke & Key Master Edition (Joe Hill, German)
35,– EUR

Panini Locke & Key Master Edition

Joe Hill, German

8. Panini flash

Wally West was once Kid Flash, the teenage sidekick of the speeding superhero Flash, then he became Flash himself. But now Wally wants
to give up being a hero and asks his mentor Barry Allen to take away his speed powers. But something goes wrong! Wally's consciousness is hurled through time and manifests itself in the bodies of various heroes. He is chased by dinosaurs in prehistoric times, fights in the future as the young hero Impulse and in the past in the body of the very first Flash against Adolf Hitler and his henchmen! But it gets much worse ...

The start of the new FLASH era with Wally West as Red Flash - by TV writer Jeremy Adams (Supernatural), racy drawn by Brandon Peterson (SUPERMAN), David Lafuente (YOUNG JUSTICE), Kevin Maguire (JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL) and others.


Panini flash (David Lafuente, Kevin Maguire, Brandon Peterson, Jeremy Adams, German)
19,– EUR

Panini flash

David Lafuente, Kevin Maguire, Brandon Peterson, Jeremy Adams, German

9. Panini Spider-Woman - Reboot

Jessica Drew is the tough superhero Spider-Woman, and it's having a disastrous effect on her life. It's not enough that two sword-wielding,
bank-robbing brothers interrupt a restaurant visit by Jess and her boyfriend Roger. On top of that, unscrupulous mercenaries like Lady Bullseye also set their sights on Spider-Woman. And once again, it's all about Jessica's family.

A new storyline from writer Karla Pacheco (RICK AND MORTY) and illustrator Pere Pérez (DEADPOOL VS. PUNISHER) as the perfect entry point into the action-packed adventures of the web-slinger!


Panini Spider-Woman - Reboot (Pere Pérez, Karla Pacheco, German)
17,– EUR

Panini Spider-Woman - Reboot

Pere Pérez, Karla Pacheco, German

10. Panini Jupiter's Circle

America at the end of the 1950s. They are the world's greatest superheroes: together, Utopian, Lady Liberty,
Skyfox, Brainwave, Blue-Bolt and Flare form the Union of Justice, going up against every alien monster and supervillain. But darkness lurks behind the colorful costumes. Jealousy, passion, secrets and betrayal threaten the group just as much as the harsh reality behind the American dream - or FBI chief Hoover, who will do anything to learn the identities of the heroes. And so friends become bitter enemies ...

The prequel to JUPITER'S LEGACY as a German first publication complete in one volume, written by superstar Mark Millar (KICK-ASS, HIT-GIRL), drawn by Wilfredo Torres (Moon KNIGHT), Davide Gianfelice (DAREDEVIL: REBORN), Chris SPROUSE (BLACK PANTHER) and others.

Panini Jupiter's Circle (Ty Templeton, Chris Sprouse, Rick Burchett, Mark Millar, German)
29,– EUR

Panini Jupiter's Circle

Ty Templeton, Chris Sprouse, Rick Burchett, Mark Millar, German