Top-rated products in the Gift wrap category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Creativ Company Explosion

Gift box made of strong cardboard, which opens with a small "explosion" and unfolds into different layers and compartments. The compartments and sides are decorated with personal messages, pictures, clips and decoupage decoration. 

Creativ Company Explosion (Gift box, 1 x)
Gift wrap
11,46 EUR 95,50 EUR/1m

Creativ Company Explosion

Gift box, 1 x

2. Präsent Gift ribbon opaque

Art tape for crimping, double-sided, matt/glossy, roll 10 mm x 200 m.

Präsent Gift ribbon opaque (Gift ribbon, 1 x)
Gift wrap
10,33 EUR 0,05 EUR/1m

Präsent Gift ribbon opaque

Gift ribbon, 1 x

3. Creativ Company organza bag

Creativ Company Gift Bag Organza 7 x 10 cm White, 10 pieces.

Creativ Company organza bag (Gift bag, 10 x)
Gift wrap
6,90 EUR 98,57 EUR/1m

Creativ Company organza bag

Gift bag, 10 x

4. Folia Gift foil roll crystal clear

Not food safe.

Folia Gift foil roll crystal clear (Cellophane wrap, 1 x)
Gift wrap
4,16 EUR was 10,70 EUR 0,83 EUR/1m

Folia Gift foil roll crystal clear

Cellophane wrap, 1 x

5. Stewo Wrapping paper

Discover the large selection of designs and paper qualities for that special gift-giving moment. Brilliant plain colours or with wonderful motifs. Embossed or with elegant effects. Stewo has been printing high-quality wrapping paper in the heart of Switzerland for almost 100 years. coated bright white. Rolled. FSC MIX 70%. 

Stewo Wrapping paper (Wrapping paper, 1 x)
Gift wrap
5,65 EUR was 8,90 EUR 2,83 EUR/1m

Stewo Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper, 1 x

6. Stewo Paper cadeau Everyday rouleau

Durabilité eco:plus: recyclable, emballage respectueux de l'environnement. Certification: FSC.

Stewo Paper cadeau Everyday rouleau (Wrapping paper, 1 x)
Gift wrap
8,90 EUR was 9,90 EUR 4,45 EUR/1m

Stewo Paper cadeau Everyday rouleau

Wrapping paper, 1 x

7. Stewo Nana

Stewo Wrapping Paper Nana Multicoloured, Material: Paper, Packaging unit: 1 piece, Motif: Various, Packaging type: Wrapping paper, Colour: Multicoloured.

Stewo Nana (Wrapping paper, 1 x)
Gift wrap
9,33 EUR 4,67 EUR/1m

Stewo Nana

Wrapping paper, 1 x

8. Folia carrier bags

Carrier bags with twisted paper cord

Folia carrier bags (Gift bag, 20 x)
Gift wrap
12,45 EUR 51,88 EUR/1m

Folia carrier bags

Gift bag, 20 x

9. Folia Carrier bags

Made of kraft paper, twisted paper handles.

Folia Carrier bags
Gift wrap
15,99 EUR 66,63 EUR/1m

Folia Carrier bags

10. Braun + Company Kraft paper

Brown + Company Kraft Paper White.

Braun + Company Kraft paper (Wrapping paper, 1 x)
Gift wrap
9,09 EUR 1,82 EUR/1m

Braun + Company Kraft paper

Wrapping paper, 1 x