Bar accessories

For mixology enthusiasts and home bartenders alike, a well-outfitted bar requires a selection of specialized accessories designed to elevate the cocktail-making experience. From precise measuring tools to elegant serving solutions, customers browsing our bar accessories category will find an array of items to perfect their bartending skills and presentation. Our collection features professional-quality items from notable brands such as Paderno, Relaxdays, BarCraft, VinBouquet, and TOP, each bringing their best-selling products to enhance your cocktail crafting repertoire.

Among the essential bar accessory types, the Jigger serves as an indispensable tool for measuring liquid ingredients accurately, ensuring that every concoction is perfectly balanced. The Bar Strainer is another key item, allowing bartenders to filter out unwanted solids for a smooth drink. For those looking to maintain a clean working area, a Bar Pusher offers a way to manage ice and ingredients with ease and hygiene.

Glass Covers provide a stylish and pragmatic means to protect beverages from outdoor elements, while Cocktail Sets and shakers, such as the ones from Relaxdays and TOP, present an all-in-one solution for mixing and serving guest-pleasing libations. Bar Spoons and Cocktail Stirrers, like the sleek stainless steel option from VinBouquet, are designed for gently blending ingredients without diluting the drink's integrity.

Dosing Spouts enable precise control and consistency in pouring, making them a favorite amongst both amateur and professional mixologists. For a thorough mix of spirits and modifiers, the Mixing Tumbler is the vessel of choice, particularly for stirred cocktails. Lastly, Glass Markers offer a personalized touch, allowing guests to keep track of their glasses during social gatherings.

As true connoisseurs know, the right bar accessories not only improve the quality and taste of cocktails but also add a layer of professionalism and flair to the drink preparation process. Whether stocking a home bar or gifting to a cocktail aficionado, our range of bar accessories caters to every mixological need with elegance and precision.