Terry towelling

In today's fast-moving world full of information overload, little sanctuaries are becoming increasingly important to people. For example, soaking in a soothing candlelit bath with a good book followed by a dry-off with a fluffy, absorbent and high-quality terry towel in one of many different colours. A perfect bath towel quickly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Your personal downtime and wellness session ideally involves bath salts and plenty of time but should definitely include the right terry towels. A soft bathrobe and thick, fluffy bath towels are just what you need after stepping out of a warm bathtub. With the right design of your terry cloth towels, you can also emphasise your interior design style. Buy a bath towel (80 x 150 cm) with the matching hand towel (50 x 100 cm) and/or guest towel (30 x 50 cm) or invest in a complete towel set. With the matching accessories, such as a shower curtain or bath rug, you can add atmosphere to your bathroom and turn it into your personal oasis or haven of well-being. In terms of sustainability, organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular. Our range includes brands such as Cawö, Marc O'Polo, Weseta, Esprit, Himla, Kela, Möve, Vossen and Lasa Switzerland – so you’re sure to find the perfect terry cloth towels for you. We’ve got loads of different materials, structures, sizes and colours to choose from – anything from yellow, pink, beige to green is available. For the matching bath rug, look under «Bath mat».