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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Playmobil products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Playmobil Christmas baking

The smell of Christmas cookies is in the air. The whole family bakes Christmas cookies together and gets in the mood for Santa's visit. Use the included cookie cutters and cookie stamp to bake and decorate real Christmas cookies. 

2. Playmobil Novelmore

24 days to wait until Christmas Eve? That can be quite a long time - but not with the exciting Playmobil advent calendars. The Novelmore advent calendar 'Dario's Workshop' invites you into Dario's fantastic world of inventors. Again and again, the clever inventor Dario DaVanci thinks up new tools, flying machines or weapons. He has just completed an ingenious training machine that will help the knights of Novelmore train for battle. Meanwhile, Gwynn tests the new paraglider and jumps from the castle wall. From the air, she spots Burnham Raiders Kahboom and Tyragon trying to break a hole in the castle wall. And there's a dangerous dragon flying in too. Luckily, Arwynn is alert and will defend the castle with the help of Dario's clever inventions. The playset includes an advent calendar with 24 surprises, Novelmore characters Dario, Gwynn and Arwynn, as well as Burnham Raiders Kahboom and Tyragon, a dragon, a tower element with crossbow, a training machine, a paraglider, various tools, books, a telescope and many more cool extras. 

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Playmobil Novelmore

3. Playmobil 1.2.3 AQUA: Adventskalender Badespass

Great bathtub play fun in the Advent season for the very youngest. With landing net, catch tray, various boats and especially many animals.

4. Playmobil Horses: Christmas sleigh ride

Christmas at Waterfall Ranch. Behind each door is a very special surprise for your Horses of Waterfall horse world. A winter sleigh ride takes Isabella, the beautiful Andalusian mare Buttercup, her sweet foal Cream and Bernese mountain dog Lucy to the nearby Lelawala Forest. Here, Isabella provides the small and large forest animals with hay, vegetables and other treats before the big feast. The apple and oat biscuits baked according to a recipe by riding instructor Muriel go down particularly well with the horses. When they get cold, Isabella puts the horse blanket over them. 

5. Playmobil 71087 Asterix: Advent calendar pirates

In the crow's nest, a figure can keep a lookout. The sail holder, as well as the oars and the rudder are freely movable. With the included weight, the pirate ship becomes buoyant. Fish can be attached to the fishing hook. The dinghy floats and can transport two figures. With Asterix and 5 other well-known characters from the comic. Dimensions ship: 43 x 35 x 36 cm (LxDxH). 

6. Playmobil Bathing fun police diving operation

24 days to wait until Christmas Eve? That can be quite a long time - but not with the colourful Playmobil advent calendars. In the advent calendar 'Bathtime Fun Police Diving Mission' it goes to exciting police operations on the seabed. A thief has hidden his valuable loot underwater between corals. But the resourceful police divers are already on his heels with their underwater scooters. In no time at all, they have not only caught the thief, but also seized the loot. I guess this plan didn't work out. The playset contains an advent calendar with 24 surprises, three Playmobil figures, a large and a small diving scooter, a baby swordfish, a moray eel, two butterfly fish, a lobster, two crabs, stones, coral and other great accessories for exciting underwater missions. As a special extra, the calendar contains Tinti bath paint. Simply insert a halved paint tablet into the nets of the diving scooter and the scooter will draw cool colours in the water during the ride. Great bathing fun with Tinti and Playmobil. 

7. Playmobil Advent Calendar Novelmore - Fight in the Snow

In the Novelmore Advent Calendar, Bayron races his battle sledge towards Novelmore's wintry castle gate, while Brody's catapult holds a very special gift for Arwynn. But Christmas time is peace time and so the knights end up signing a peace treaty. Read their wish lists included in the set. 

8. Playmobil Adventures of Ayuma - Advent calendar

Winter is coming to Ayuma. At the academy, the fairies learn to look after the soul animals and their offspring. The winter-clad fairies lovingly care for their faithful companions. 

9. Playmobil Advent Calendar Police Museum Theft

Even during the pre-Christmas period, crime does not rest. In the museum theft, burglars try to steal valuable exhibits. Over the 24 days until Christmas, a diorama with the burglary scenario is created. The platform "collapses" at the push of a button. Incl. police motorbike. 

10. Playmobil Back to the Future 2

For Back to the Future fans, this pre-Christmas season will be a real blast. With the brand-new Back to the Future III advent calendar, movie enthusiasts can reminisce and re-enact legendary scenes of the cult film series. This time, friends Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown are transported far back to the past to the year 1885, where they not only have to deal with the rough customs of the Wild West, but also with swashbuckler Buford Tannen. Of course, local schoolteacher, and later Doc's girlfriend, Clara Clayton and terrier Copernicus may not be missing in this adventure. As a special extra, this unconventional advent calendar includes an exclusive diorama showing various movie locations and a cool collector's postcard. In addition, the DeLorean (70317 - sold separately) can be converted with the included accessories for the various time travels. With nostalgic flair and iconic details, this advent calendar brings not only Playmobil fans with full energy Back to the Future. The Wild West is waiting. 

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Playmobil Back to the Future 2