Christmas tree

The Christmas tree, also called Christmas tree, is the center of every Christmas celebration and brings the festive mood directly into your living room. But if you don't want to buy a fresh tree every year, an artificial Christmas tree is the perfect solution. An artificial Christmas tree does not shed needles and, unlike natural trees, does not require any maintenance. It is flexible in use and can be quickly and easily dismantled if you want to put it somewhere else. After the holidays, such a Christmas tree can be easily and practically packed up again and stowed away until next year. Within the artificial trees you can basically distinguish between 2 types:

Artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees are true artificial replicas of real fir trees and are particularly suitable as the centerpiece of Christmas decorations. Among these trees you can find everything your Christmas heart desires - ready-decorated Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees that are already covered with snow, undecorated and real-looking replicas of fir trees or even Christmas trees in different colors. Small fir trees, on the other hand, are particularly suitable as small decorative items that can be placed on the window leaf, for example. They are often embellished with few LED lights or Christmas ornaments.

LED trees

LED trees are decorative trees that are specially equipped with LED lights and have a simple shape. They can be placed on the terrace or in the garden and provide a lot of lighting and Christmas atmosphere in the outdoor area. Nevertheless, such LED trees can also be placed at home and enchant your living room there.

In addition to artificial Christmas trees and LED trees, you can also find various Christmas tree blankets that will make your Christmas tree even more beautiful. A Christmas tree blanket is a typically round tree rug that you can easily place under your Christmas tree to make the place where the gifts are placed cozier and more festive.

No matter what type of Christmas tree you are looking for, you can find a wide range of artificial Christmas trees and Christmas tree blankets from brands like Fascinating Lights, Star Trading, STT or Casaria.