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1. Lexon Flip+

Designed by the Wright brothers, this award-winning revival of multiple design awards works by turning on and off with a single twist. Equipped with an LCD screen, a touch-snooze function and covered with silicone rubber, Flip watch comes in various versions to accessories of your bed so indispensable. On the ON side, the alarm is activated and shows the time on the left and the alarm time on the right. The alarm can be switched on and off by turning the alarm clock clockwise. The large letters on the top and bottom clearly indicate which mode is active. On the OFF side, the alarm is deactivated and the alarm clock shows only the time. The touch pad illuminates the display when touched. A portion of "extra sleep" is provided by the Snooze function. 

2. TFA Clocco

The minimalist design in wooden look with invisible display will match any lounge or bedroom décor. When you use the supplied power adapter, the digits are permanently illuminated and can be adjusted in three brightness levels. Choose between time, date, indoor temperature or a changing display. Thanks to the automatic dimming function, the light goes to the lowest level between 7 pm and 6:59 am. The night sleep remains undisturbed and the time is still readable. If you prefer to operate Clocco with batteries, the display remains invisible and it is briefly activated by a sound or a touch. The alarm ensures you get up on time and with the DCF-77 time reception, the exact time is automatically set. 

3. Philips Wake-up Light

Inspired by the sunrise in nature, the unique combination of light therapy and sound of the Philips Wake-up Light wakes you up in a more natural way. It makes it easier for you to get up and get fit for the day. 

4. Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Inspired by the sunrise in nature, the Philips Wake-up Lights' unique combination of light and sound awakens you in a more natural way. You'll wake up more relaxed and it'll be easier for you to get up. Inspired by the sunrise in nature, the light intensity increases over 30 minutes to a bright yellow light. This slow change stimulates the body to wake you up naturally. Together with the room-filling light, the natural sound you choose supports your waking experience so that you are fit for the day. 

5. TFA Bingo 2.0

A radio alarm clock with extensive features, but without superfluous gimmicks. The wireless alarm clock Bingo 2.0 is, like the "little" brother Bingo, intuitive and easy to use. The large, high-contrast display is even clearer and can be read well in the dark. Pressing the large red button on the top of the alarm clock will briefly illuminate it for a short time. If you want to know the time during the night, you can also select a discreet and economical night light that automatically switches on and off via the integrated light sensor. Two alarm times with different alarm sounds can be activated independently of each other. Just push the respective slide switch on the side upwards. A colour mark clearly shows whether the alarm is on. Let yourself be woken up gently with a rising alarm or at full volume. If you don’t want to get up right away, use the snooze feature. In addition, the Bingo 2.0 lets you know the day of the week and the date, and in addition measures the room temperature. 

6. Claessens'Kids Kid'Sleep

Kid'Sleep Clock is an alarm clock specially designed for small children and makes getting up easier. It can play a train, cuckoo or birdsong as an alarm signal. In addition, the illuminated display shows whether there is still time to sleep or to get up by means of the sleeping or waking position. The time is indicated both by hands and digitally. The reversed hand tells the child how long he or she can stay in the cozy bed. In addition, the mini night lamp on the Kid'Sleep Clock emits a soft light. The mushroom button is used to activate the snooze function and to light up the display. Scope of delivery; 1 alarm clock and 1 mains adapter. 

7. TFA Bell alarm clock

This classic alarm clock will get you out of bed safely with its extra-loud double bell alarm. While you sleep, the built-in sweep clockwork runs extra quiet and won't disturb you. You can illuminate the display at the touch of a button. The metal housing and the real glass front make the alarm clock particularly high-quality. 

8. Sony XDR-C1DBP

With this portable DAB clock radio, you can listen to your favourite radio stations on the go. Thanks to the five preset channels, you can find the content you want quickly and easily. Thanks to the bypass battery, you can take the radio with you wherever you go. The dimmable LCD display of the clock radio will not rob you of your sleep. Wake up to either radio or beeps. 

9. Philips Somneo

The Sleep & Wake-up Light helps you to relax, enables deep sleep and ensures that you wake up rested. It features various lighting effects for relaxing breathing as well as personalized sun simulations and tracking functions for the sleeping environment. Developed by the sleep experts and makers of the world leader in wake-up lights. Natural sunrise and sunset simulation. You will wake up rested as the brightness increases. The only wake-up light clinically proven to be effective is RelaxBreathe: pulsating light effects for relaxed breathing. Pulsating light effects relax your breathing and help you fall asleep. AmbiTrack bedroom sensor and SleepMapper app. Control your device and monitor your sleep experience. Fine tune your sleeping environment. Easy setup with WLAN. Custom settings with multiple options. The PowerWake alarm clock is designed to wake you up in time. Choose the right lights and tones. Create your wake-up experience with thousands of wake-up combinations. Intuitive touch screen for easy device control. 

10. Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light HF3672/01

A personalized sleep experience for refreshed waking is offered by the Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-up Light HF3672/01. Pulsating light effects can be set to relax breathing and help you fall asleep. The AmbiTrack environmental sensor also monitors external factors that can affect sleep. For a gentle wake-up, the device simulates a natural sunrise while slowly increasing the light intensity. Additionally, numerous alarm combinations can be set - whether natural sounds or radio stations. The Sleep and Wake-up Light is also equipped with a PowerWake function, which enables a timely wake-up.

Personalized brightness settings and one of eight alarm tones can be selected in the SleepMapper app (+ custom sounds via AUX connection).

Includes AmbiTrack environmental sensor that collects external factors that affect the sleep experience (e.g., room temperature, humidity)

Colorful sunrise simulation wakes you up naturally and sunset simulation prepares your body to fall asleep

Fall asleep relaxed with RelaxBreathe by matching your breathing with one of the light or sound rhythms

With PowerWake and snooze function for reluctant early risers

1x HF3672/01

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light HF3672/01
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245,– EUR

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light HF3672/01