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1. House Doctor Xmas car

Traditions are very important to us, especially at Christmas time. This large Xmas Car by House Doctor is a classic decorative object that brings a touch of nostalgiato your Christmas decorations. It illustrates the wonderful tradition of bringing home a Christmas tree. Whether you cut it yourself or not, finding the right Christmas tree is an incredibly important thing to do at Christmas time. Place it where you'd like it to have a nostalgic feel: on a shelf with other Christmas decorations, or next to your regular home decorations if you prefer it minimalist. Also available in a smaller version. 

House Doctor Xmas car
Christmas decorations
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House Doctor Xmas car

2. Alessi Happy Eternity

The Happy Eternity Baby Crib by Alessi is a wonderful Christmas decoration in a modern design. True to history, Mary and Joseph, as well as the ox and the donkey,gather near the manger to welcome Jesus. 

3. Alessi Uno, Due, Tre Re Magi

As indispensable figures in the Christmas context, the Re Magi complete the Happy Eternity Baby crib. Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori merge their artistic talentsin a special project which for the first time bears the signature of both: the Happy Eternity Baby crib. The two authors have dealt with the subject of Christmas decorations individually and as a result offer their highly original interpretations of traditional Christmas decorations: from the unusual crib Christmas eggs of Jori to the poetic figures of Giacon. With Happy Eternity Baby, they have once again succeeded in creating a surprise that carries within it the entire emotion of their artistic work. 

4. Bloomingville Darren Deco

The Darren Decoration by Bloomingville is a beautiful set of 2 Nutcrackers that fits in every room for Christmas. The Nutcrackers are made of wood and finished insoft white & gold colors. 

5. Folia Chlaussäckli

Folia jute bag in boot form.

6. Creativ Company Wooden Articles Christmas Tree

Creativ Company wooden article 60 x 40.5 cm Christmas tree.

7. Alessi Bark for Christmas

Ideal for those who still cherish the ritual of decorating the home for the festive season, even without a traditional Christmas tree, the Bark for Christmas tree,standing 70 cm tall, is an original decoration to create a special festive atmosphere. Provided with a series of magnetic decorations that allow you to adorn and personalize the tree with photographs, Christmas cards or other items, turning it into a poetic repository for cherishing precious souvenirs and memories. 

8. Creativ Company Christmas tree

Freestanding Christmas tree made of stars with dark edges. You can also get a taste of the Christmas spirit while designing the figure.

9. Creativ Company Christmas decoration orange letters 5 pieces

Theme: Christmas, Packing unit: 5, Material: None, Product type: Streudeko.

10. G. Wurm Wichtel

G. Wurm Wichtel
Christmas decorations
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G. Wurm Wichtel