Top-rated products in the Pillows category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Erwin Müller Vein cushion

Erwin Müller vein cushion. The leg rest pillow is a relaxation aid for tired, stressed legs. Due to the special shape and the dimensionally stable filling, the legs and feet are optimally supported without pressure points. The cover can be easily removed and washed thanks to the 3-sided zipper. 

Erwin Müller Vein cushion (66 x 39.5 x 16.5 cm)
28,45 EUR

Erwin Müller Vein cushion

66 x 39.5 x 16.5 cm

2. Billerbeck Belair

This anti-allergic pillow provides a high level of lying comfort thanks to its soft, cuddly effect. Moisture-absorbing and permeable fabric with shakeable AIRTEC micro filling. The inner cushion is removable.
Cover quilted with AIRTEC, 100 polyester.
Inner cushion filling: 70% polyester, 30% Lyocell
Cuddly soft Mako batiste, 100% cotton,
hydrophilic, therefore excellent moisture absorption

Billerbeck Belair
64,95 EUR

Billerbeck Belair

3. Tojo Back cushion

Tojo-lean Pillow. Increases comfort in no time at all: Eigenwert designs a firm and dimensionally stable pillow that fits all beds from the Schorndorf manufacturer. Designed as a wedge, the cushion has a wider base and is wedged together on one side. Thus, the straight sides press against a wall, while the sloping surface invites you to lean against it. Some will use the stable pillow as an occasional headboard in bed to read a book in the evening. The others use this to walk across the bed to the sofa during the day. However, in order to maintain the cleanliness around the sleeping area, the Schorndorf manufacturer equips the Tojo back cushion with a removable and washable cover. 

Tojo Back cushion (14 x 35 cm, 75 x 28 cm)
96,89 EUR

Tojo Back cushion

14 x 35 cm, 75 x 28 cm

4. Erwin Müller Kids Pillow

Erwin Müller children's pillow. The filling of puffy hollow fibres is cuddly soft, cuddly and moisture regulating. Together with the quilted cover made of microfibres, this results in an easy-care pillow that is characterised by its hygienic washability. 

Erwin Müller Kids Pillow
23,45 EUR

Erwin Müller Kids Pillow

5. Erwin Müller Pillow filling

Erwin Müller cushion filling. Be inspired by the range of feather cushion sizes and find the right cushion filling for your decorative, decorative, cosy or sofa cushion. The bounce of the feathers gives it a plump volume, makes it easy to fluff up and drape decoratively. It also increases the lying and sitting comfort. 

Erwin Müller Pillow filling
16,45 EUR

Erwin Müller Pillow filling

6. Erwin Müller Pillow filling 2-pack

Erwin Müller cushion filling in a pack of 2. Be inspired by the range of feather cushion sizes and find the right cushion filling for your decorative, cuddly or sofa cushion. It gets a plump volume due to the rebounding power of the feathers, can be fluffed up well and draped decoratively. In addition, it increases the comfort of lying and sitting. Cover: twill, 100% cotton
Filling: white new duck feathers, class I, 100% feathers

product features:
- Pillow filling
- cuddly pillow
- filling weight: approx. 600 g
- 2-pack
- in uni design

- Cover: 100% cotton (BW).
- Filling: 100% feathers (FP).

Erwin Müller Pillow filling 2-pack
27,45 EUR

Erwin Müller Pillow filling 2-pack

7. Billerbeck Novum

Variable lying surfaces: soft and elastic or compact and supportive. Adjustable in height and softness. Removable cover, with zipper.

Billerbeck Novum (40 x 80 cm)
82,99 EUR

Billerbeck Novum

40 x 80 cm

8. Aspero Side sleeper pillow

The optimal pillow for all side sleepers. Gentle on the knee joints, as these do not lie directly on top of each other thanks to the pillow and thus also shifts the spine into a comfortable lying position. The integrated pillow ensures that there is a seamless transition between the pillow and the body pillow. In addition, you can snuggle up to the side sleeper pillow and hug it, so that you fall asleep quickly and peacefully. 

Aspero Side sleeper pillow (76 x 150 cm)
59,95 EUR

Aspero Side sleeper pillow

76 x 150 cm

9. Irisette Greenline Aerelle Blue

Aerelle Blue - feel-good fibres with a plus for the environment. The filling fibres in the Greenline Aerelle Blue articles are made from recycled plastic from Plastic Bank: one of the most important, recognised ways to combat plastic waste - before it reaches the sea. At the same time, people living in poverty are helped to build a better future. The Greenline Aerelle Blue articles are very cosy and snug, keep their shape well and have a balanced microclimate. The quilts and pillows in this range are suitable for house dust allergy sufferers as they are washable up to 60° C. German brand product. 

Irisette Greenline Aerelle Blue (40 x 80 cm)
38,85 EUR

Irisette Greenline Aerelle Blue

40 x 80 cm

10. Billerbeck BELVEDERE® 3-chamber pillow

Billerbeck BELVEDERE® 3-chamber pillow
149,99 EUR

Billerbeck BELVEDERE® 3-chamber pillow