Built-in dishwashers

Large dishwasher selection of top brands such as Miele, Electrolux, Siemens and many more. All built-in dishwashers can be purchased online including service and installation. Dishwashers are available in the European size standard of 60 cm or in the Swiss size standard of 55 cm. Built-in dishwashers for small kitchens are available in the 45 cm standard. Built-in dishwashers fit seamlessly into the kitchen, as they either disappear behind the furniture door (fully integrated) or can be partially integrated thanks to decorative panels that match the kitchen front. Undercounter dishwashers are also placed under the kitchen countertop and thus integrated into the kitchen unit. The visible front is, for example, in white or stainless steel. In the case of fully integrated dishwashers, the control panel is hidden from view during washing. This means that it is not possible to see whether the appliance is currently running. Some built-in dishwashers have special features such as automated detergent dosing, automatic door opening after the wash cycle or so-called cutlery drawer instead of the usual cutlery baskets. Certain dishwasher brands, such as Miele, also offer built-in dishwashers with extra-quiet wash programs.