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    Man vs. machine – who makes better Turkish coffee?

    by Simon Balissat

French presses

Do you like coffee and also love to make it manually without the use of an expensive machine? Then you need a coffee maker. It's no secret that coffee tastes especially aromatic when the coffee powder comes into direct contact with hot water without a filter to remove the aromatic oils and fats. When we think of coffee makers, we immediately think of the plunger coffee maker (French press), not to be confused with the mocha coffee maker.

The French press is very easy to use: put ground coffee in the pot and pour hot water in it. Stir a bit and after four minutes of brewing you can slowly press the French press strainer to separate the coffee from the grounds. It is important not to use coffee that is ground too finely, as it will become dark and bitter after a longer infusion time in the hot water.

Paper filters are also great for filtering coffee the traditional way. Simply insert the filter, pour in the coffee and add hot water. For many coffee drinkers, this is the true brewing method. The taste of the coffee is quite mild because the short brewing time allows almost no bitterness to be released. Coffee makers are available as both glass pitchers and porcelain filters.

Siphon or Vacuum Pot: Physics meets coffee brewing. The coffee siphon sounds complicated, but it also has advantages as it prevents over-extraction. With a siphon, the immersion method, i.e. mixing coffee powder in hot water for a certain period of time, is combined with a filter. This leads to optimal extraction of aromas and flavors. You don't even need a special coffee - it's the preparation that makes the difference. First, the beans are ground to the corresponding degree of grind. Then, water is poured into the lower glass cruet. The upper glass container is put on and the coffee powder is added. Finally, you wait. The coffee grounds remain in the top glass container while the aromatic coffee drips into the cup.

If you want to have your coffee with you at all times, a vacuum coffee maker from Wacaco might be for you. This way you can have your espresso on the go.

Mocha: Are you a fan of the Turkish mocha? If you can't cook mocha traditionally in a mocha pot, a mocha machine may be the ideal help. Pour the coffee powder into the pot or, depending on the model, into the machine, press "Start" and in a few minutes the mocha is ready.