Tabletop BBQs

A tabletop BBQ is a small grill that's used to grill food such as meat or vegetables on a table. Tabletop BBQs are suitable for indoor use, but work just as well for barbecues on the balcony or terrace. Thanks to its compact size, a tabletop BBQ can easily be stored in the kitchen. One advantage over conventional barbecues is that the tabletop BBQ is placed on the table, allowing the host to enjoy the barbecue together with his or her guests.

There are a variety of table grill types to choose from. Tabletop BBQs often consist of a grill plate that's heated electrically from below. Instead of a plate, the tabletop BBQ can also have a grill grid to cook food on. Just like a raclette oven, these tabletop BBQs have a temperature regulator to control the heat.

For a true culinary experience, you can use a grill stone plate, also called a hot stone, to grill meat and vegetables on. This is a natural stone plate that is previously heated on the grill or in the oven. The stone plate stores the heat and transfers it evenly to the food. As a result, meat turns out tender and juicy.

For all pizza enthusiasts who want a crispy base and juicy toppings, home pizza ovens are ideal. Pizza ovens often have a terracotta dome, which allows for a consistent and even heat distribution. This makes the base nice and crispy, just like at an Italian restaurant, and the pizza toppings don't dry out.

A Tartar's hat is a special type of combined fondue pot and tabletop BBQ, which takes its name from the shape of the traditional hat of the Tartars. The food is hung on the steel tips of the heated hat and cooked in the heat. Often, a broth is poured into the brim of the hat shape, allowing the juices of the grilled food to mix with the broth.