Have you ever thought about how important the right toaster can be for your breakfast? There are different types of toasters on the market, and each has its own advantages. Basically, there are three types of toasters: the classic toaster, the long slot toaster and the sandwich toaster.

Classic toaster: The classic toaster is easy to use and inexpensive. It is perfect for people who only eat toast occasionally and do not want to go to a lot of trouble. Most of the time, the classic toaster has a relatively short slot in which two to four toasts can be prepared. Some models also have a timer, bake-on, defrost or lift function. The latter helps you to remove the toast from the opening as easily as possible. In addition, many toasters also have a bun attachment for thicker buns or bagels, which can thus also be toasted without breaking.

Long slot toaster: As the name suggests, long slot toasters have a longer slot than classic models. This means that large slices of bread or several slices of toast can be toasted at once without any problems. Otherwise, these models offer similar additional functions as the classic toasters.

Sandwich toaster: A sandwich toaster is perfect for those who place particular value on evenly toasted bread. The bread is not placed vertically but horizontally in the toaster and then clamped in place with the fold-down lid. This toaster has two non-stick heating plates that work simultaneously on both sides of the bread to achieve a perfect toasting result.

Whichever type of toaster you choose, make sure it meets your needs and helps you start every morning with perfect toast.