Badminton rackets

Due to the wide range of badminton rackets from brands like Yonex or Wilson we have the right badminton racket for every athlete. When choosing a badminton racket you should first of all ask yourself what you as a customer actually want from the racket. And less what type of player you are. And not at all how well you play.

Basically, the first thing you want from a badminton racket is power. You can get it in the Smash with a top-heavy racket. With a short movement, top-heavy badminton rackets react slightly sluggish. The opposite is true for racquets with a heavy grip: these are fast from short movements. However, if you have a large swing-out movement (like in a smash), you bring a little less power to the shuttle. As a compromise there are balanced rackets.

The hardness of the frame is also important for the selection. Hard rackets (the same goes for the stringing) give you precision. You hit what you want to hit. But power comes a little less. Please remember: A racquet is like a trampoline. If you jump in there, you'll fly up when it's soft. So a soft racquet and a soft stringing will give you power, not the other way around. So again you have the choice: power or precision? Your call. Unfortunately, you can't maximize both, physics just doesn't allow it.

A good badminton racket weighs 80 to 90 grams. Cheaper rackets are heavier because they are made of metal. With a light graphite racquet you can play much better - we wish you a lot of fun!