Basketball is becoming more and more popular. Whether in the hall or on one of the now numerous outdoor courts, a basketball game is quickly organized. Besides the basketball hoops, all you need is the right basketball.

Basketballs come in different sizes. Depending on age and gender, the international basketball federation FIBA prescribes different ball sizes:
- Ball size 1: toddlers (circumference = 41-44 cm).
- Ball size 3: Children up to 8 years (circumference = 56-57 cm)
- Ball size 4: Official size children U8 (circumference = 66 cm)
- Ball size 5: Official size children U10 / U12 (circumference = 69-71 cm)
- Ball size 6: Official size ladies; children U14 (circumference = 72-74 cm)
- Ball size 7: Official size men (circumference = 75-76 cm)

Besides balls from Spalding, which produced the first basketball ever, you can also find basketballs from the popular brands Wilson and Molten in our assortment.