Fishing lines

Fishing line, along with the fishing rod and reel, is an important element to be successful in fishing.

The decisive factor is in which body of water you want
to catch which type of fish. There are three main types of fishing line. A braided line has a high carrying capacity with the same diameter and allows direct contact with the fish, as it does not stretch. Monofilament lines consist of a transparent nylon thread. Due to its nature, the thread hardly absorbs water and therefore has a long life. Thanks to its stretchability, it is suitable for different temperatures, as well as it is less susceptible to sharp obstacles such as stones or edges. Fly lines consist of a braided nylon core and a plastic sheath. Due to this design, the line has an optimal float/sink behavior.

Leader lines form the connection between the main line and fishing hook. They are needed as a predetermined breaking point, so that the fish can not bite through or tear off the line. The most common materials used are steel and fluorocarbon. Steel has a higher strength, but is more visible than fluorocarbon.

When it comes to line diameter, you should keep in mind that the thicker the line, the more visible it will be. The diameter is crucial for the carrying capacity and thus on which target fish you aim it.

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