Optics accessories

In the world of stargazing and microscopy, optics accessories are essential tools for hobbyists and professionals alike. Our online shop offers a wide array of accessories that cater to all your observational needs, ensuring that you get the clearest, most detailed view of the cosmos or miniature realms.

From Celestron, a leader in optic technology, we present the NexYZ 3-axis smartphone adapter. This innovative device allows you to attach your smartphone to your telescope, microscope, binocular, or spotting scope with precision and ease, opening up a new frontier for capturing and sharing high-resolution images and videos of your discoveries.

Explore Scientific offers the Solarix solar filter foil A4, tailored for safe solar observation and photography. This product provides a cost-effective way to transform any telescope into a solar telescope, allowing for the observation of sunspots, solar eclipses, and planetary transits with paramount safety and clarity.

Dörr brings convenience to outdoor enthusiasts with their Spotting scopes SA-1 Smartphone adapter, making wildlife photography more accessible than ever. By securely affixing your smartphone to a spotting scope, you can take stunning photographs of birds and distant landscape features from your phone.

Precision is key in astronomy, and Baader Planetarium understands this well with their Astro Solar safety film, designed for sun viewing and photography. This product guarantees high-quality, safe observation of solar phenomena, ensuring that every solar observation is a memorable one.

Last but not at all least, Bresser enhances the way hobbyists align their telescope optics with the Laser collimator alignment laser. This tool is crucial in fine-tuning the optical elements of your telescope, ensuring that it operates at peak performance and provides you with a crystal-clear window into the heavens.

Our collection of optics accessories will not only enhance your viewing experience but will also ensure that your equipment is tailored for peak performance and longevity. Browse our range and find the perfect complement to your optical instruments, making every observation an extraordinary one.