Ski wax + Tools

If you treat your skis or snowboards with ski wax at regular intervals, they glide better on the snow and increase the life of the sports equipment. Today, a small ski and snowboard service can easily be done at home. You will need the right ski wax, a waxing tool, a scraper and a base brush.

Before waxing, it is recommended to clean the base of the skis with a base brush and to open the pores so that the wax can penetrate better. Regular cleaning and maintenance with a base brush can extend the life of the skis and allow for better performance. Next comes the waxing tool, which is a useful tool for applying the wax evenly to the skis. After applying the ski wax, a scraper is used to remove the excess wax from the skis and create a smooth surface.

You can also find other accessories to maintain your skis, such as base repair, edge grinders, ski or snowboard holders, polishing tools, blade sharpeners and much more.

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