Squash rackets

Thanks to the large range of squash rackets from brands such as tecnifibre, Salming or Unsquashable, we have the right squash racket for every athlete. Whether you're a recreational or professional player, there are three main points to consider when choosing your club: Playing style, weight and levels of shaft flexibility. The weight of squash racquets varies greatly from 130 to 250 grams. For beginners, we recommend a light (360 mm, 130 to 150 g) aluminium racket with a heavy grip, which allows you to make fast, skilful moves thanks to good manoeuvrability. On light rackets with a bridge, the impact force is reduced due to higher vibration, but the positioning of the ball is easier to handle. A club head as large as possible is also an advantage at the beginning, as the so-called "sweet spot", the best area for hitting, is more generous. If you already belong to the pros with aggressive playing style, a top-heavy, heavy squash racket (350 mm, maximum 200 g) with open head is your candidate. Are you more of a tactically smart guy? Then you choose the balanced variant (less than 356 mm, 150 to 170 g). Here the centre of gravity is in the centre of the club. The smaller the club head and the tighter the string tension, the greater the impact force, because the ball can be centered more precisely. The grip of a squash racket depends on the size of your hand and can be easily replaced if in doubt. In our assortment you will find balanced, grip-heavy and top-heavy squash rackets that come in a cool look and let you rock the field. 

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