Vibration plates

The vibration plate makes possible what most of us want. A workout as effective as possible in a short time. Ideally, we also train our entire body and are done after 20-30 minutes. Vibration training shakes our body once and activates the muscle tissue. Thus, training with a vibration plate offers a form of training that can replace traditional cardiovascular and strength training.

Is it as simple as it sounds? The way it works is simply explained: the vibration simulates muscle tension. Comparable to a jump, where the muscles have to intercept the jump and are thus stressed.
There are three vibration movements. The vertical, side alternating and three-dimensional vibration.

- Vertical: Up and down movement that exercises only the muscles aligned longitudinally.
- Lateral alternating: Here, the sides of the machine raise and lower in rapid succession. This provides an alternating load on the musculature and thus a natural movement pattern.
- Three-dimensional: The three-dimensional movement is the movement that activates the most muscles and as the name suggests, the vibrations move three-dimensionally.

When buying a vibration plate, you should pay attention to the purpose for which you need it and how professionally and frequently you want to use the device. The number of speed levels determines how precisely and finely you can control the load. How tall are you? Taller people should pay attention to the workout surface, maximum user weight, and stability of the machine. Not important for everyone, but of course some machines have exciting features and gimmicks, like the touchscreen function or Bluetooth connectivity.

With us you will find a wide selection of vibration trainers. Choose the product that best meets your needs and train your muscle tissue for your next athletic challenge.

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