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Bosch Home & Garden EasyPump (10.30 bar)

Bosch Home & Garden EasyPump

10.30 bar

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3 years ago
purchased this product


I have purchased the device for our fleet (7 bikes, 1 trailer) to no longer pump by hand. The device is ideal in terms of size, handiness and operation. However, there are also points of criticism: Due to the compact design, the device takes a relatively long time to inflate a bicycle tire to 3-4 bar. Accordingly, the battery is almost empty after 6-7 tires. The air hose is quite short. And the adapter for Presta valves lacks a retaining clip, which presses the connection on the valve and holds it in position.



2 years ago
purchased this product

Too weak air performance, unusable

180 reviews

  • Dari92002

    3 days ago
    purchased this product



    • Battery life not sufficient for 4 tyres
  • bernhardbr4

    6 days ago
    purchased this product

    Ok for bikes and pumping up cars

    Good for pumping bicycle/bike tyres and a single car tyre. For tougher use, I use the Mannesmann battery-powered air pump.


    • compact
    • Quiet
    • USB C charging port
    • light


    • Too little power for car tyres
  • codox

    7 days ago
    purchased this product

    Top product


    • Quite simply with the automatic stop function after reaching the BAR value
  • aielloph

    8 days ago
    purchased this product

    Small multi-purpose pump


    • Takes up no space
  • jska21

    9 days ago
    purchased this product

    portable inflator

    Ideal for checking and re-inflating car, motorbike and bicycle wheels. Which is my case. Depending on the terrain you're riding on, it's better to deflate your tyres a little. Back on the road, this space-saving inflator resets my tyres to the correct pressures. It's small and light and super handy for re-inflating your bike in the event of a puncture.  


    • easy to use
    • easy to recharge
    • good autonomy


    • CLEAR
  • Barbara Spörri

    10 days ago
    purchased this product

    Good and helpful

    Unfortunately not used yet. It was a gift.


    • Can also be used for wheelchair wheels
    • Small and handy