Automotive interior accessories

Automotive interior accessories

In our assortment you will find useful products for your car interior.

With car organizers you bring order into your car, whether with trunk bags, rear seat bags
or universal boxes for storing everything else that is lying around in the car.

Straps and nets secure your luggage to keep it safe in your car. With luggage locks, you don't have to worry about safety anymore. With our car mirrors you bring overview into your car, for example to have the children on the back seat in view or to make the blind spot visible with an additional mirror.

If you want to protect your car doors from scratches and dents, door edge protection strips help you to keep the doors intact and also protect the cars parked next to you.

With a steering wheel cover you can decorate your steering wheel or simply protect it from wear and dirt. You will also find in our assortment parking discs, cup holders and ashtrays for the car or even the classic of the car interior accessories, the wiggle dog, the dog that wiggles his head by accelerating and decelerating the car.