Blank covers

In the accessories department, customers seeking functional and decorative finishing touches for their installations will find an exceptional range of blank covers. These items are designed to give electrical outlets and switches a neat, polished appearance when they're not in use, ensuring that safety and aesthetics are maintained throughout any space.

Top-tier options are available from renowned brands such as Feller, with its best-selling EdizioDue colore line that offers a stylish finish. Enthusiasts of contemporary design can opt for Gira's 232029 UP-Radio IP Loudspeaker + R, which combines functionality with a modern look. For those in need of practical solutions, Max Hauri's Ceiling rose round with Fixing holes provides an easy and reliable installation choice, while Steffen's Ceiling rosette offers a straightforward and elegant alternative. Lastly, Busch-Jaeger caters to the high-end market with its sophisticated ST/U10.2.11-825 blank cover, promising quality and durability.

Whether for residential or commercial use, these blank covers from leading brands ensure that customers can select products that best fit their design and utility requirements, all while enhancing the overall look of their interior space.