Covering material

When tackling a painting or renovation project, covering materials are indispensable for protecting surfaces and ensuring a clean work environment. Our online shop offers a broad range of covering products designed to meet the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professional decorators.

Customers have a variety of options to choose from, including the highly effective covering fleece from Malerkönig, renowned for its durability and absorbency, making it a top choice for safeguarding floors and furniture from spills. For those looking to streamline their prep work, tesa offers a convenient solution with their popular UNIVERSAL Malerband with integrated covering film – an excellent time-saving tool for securing and shielding surfaces swiftly.

Additionally, TecTake provides high-quality painter's fleece, which is appreciated for its protective properties and the added benefit of being slip-resistant. When it comes to more robust applications, Scorprotect's Platte is a go-to for its sturdy build, suitable for covering and protecting larger areas or high-traffic zones.

Lastly, Color Expert ensures materials like carpets and upholstery stay clean with their stretch film, a flexible option that is easy to use and remove. Whether you are updating a single room or an entire property, our selection of covering materials from these top brands ensures your spaces remain pristine throughout your project.