Parquet is too expensive, therefore laminate? That's why laminate? Today's laminate floors are durable and long-lasting, as evidenced by the guarantees of up to 25 years and more. Nothing stands in the way of their use in a heavily used children's room or living room. Laminate floors are very easy to clean. They are therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Digital printing techniques make the imitated surfaces look deceptively real and often have a tactile structure. We carry laminates that imitate different types of wood such as oak, ash or walnut. But we also have different ceramic and stone looks in our range.

A laminate floor can be laid by the ambitious do-it-yourself enthusiast himself. Thanks to the modern click-technique, gluing is only necessary in entrance areas and kitchens. Make sure that you buy an impact sound insulation for the desired model - this is absolutely necessary to prevent unpleasant knocking noises. Depending on the intended use, you should also make sure that the panel is of the appropriate thickness and service class (abrasion resistance).

Please also note the detailed installation instructions which you will find on this page.

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