Folding bath screen

Enhance your bathroom's functionality and style with a folding bath screen - an ingenious solution for those who enjoy the versatility of a shower-bath combo. Customers seeking to upgrade their bathroom can find a range of folding bath screens that provide effective water containment when showering and conveniently fold away to allow full access to the bathtub.

- Masterjero presents a prime selection like their top-selling SHOWER WALL GLASS116X195CM 8MM CHROME. Their screens are celebrated for their sturdy construction and stylish chrome finishes, offering a blend of elegance and durability. The 8mm thick glass ensures a robust partition, maintaining a clear and open feel in your bathroom space.

- VidaXL offers an array of bath screens, including customers' favorite materials such as Velvet. VidaXL bath screens are designed with both aesthetic and functionality in mind, ensuring that your bathing area remains splash-free while also contributing to the overall decor of the room.

- Schulte brings precision German engineering to your home with products like the popular Bath screen single panel Komfort with towel rail. Schulte's bath screens not only provide a waterproof barrier but also come with added conveniences such as integrated towel rails, adding to their practicality.

When selecting a folding bath screen, consider the ease of installation, the quality of materials, and features like adjustable profiles for perfect fits and easy-to-clean coatings that resist water marks and limescale. Choose a screen that matches your aesthetic preferences and meets the functionality for an enhanced, streamlined bathroom experience.