GPS navigation

A navigation device ensures that you arrive at your destination safely and without stress. It is equipped with a capacitive or resistive touch screen and is usually available in the sizes 5", 6" or 7". Besides the classic car navigation systems, there are also interesting products on the market for motorcycles, campers, caravans and even large trucks. So you always have the right features for your vehicle in your navigation system. Examples are specific maps for caravans, or extra bright displays for motorbike navigation systems that are easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

In addition to the vehicle-specific features, a car navigation system often includes further features such as Bluetooth, lane assistant, hands-free system, collision warning or the possibility to connect to dashcams or rear view cameras. Depending on the model, map updates can be made via computer, smartphone or WiFi. Navigation devices from Garmin, TomTom and Co. usually also offer free and lifetime map updates.