Motorbike helmets

If you want to buy a motorcycle helmet, you usually have a lot of choices. Therefore, you should briefly think about what you need it for and make sure that it offers the greatest possible security. A high-quality, well-fitting and robust helmet can significantly reduce the risk of injury and prevent serious head injuries in the event of an accident. The correct size of the motorcycle helmet is an important factor in minimizing the risk of injury. To determine the correct size, we recommend that you take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head in centimetres. It is important to guide the tape measure over the middle of the forehead and above the ears to the back of the head. So take the widest or thickest part of your head. With the following size table you already know which size your motorcycle helmet must have.

Size chart motorcycle helmet:
- (51/52cm) -> XXS
- (53/54cm) -> XS
- (55/56cm) -> S
- (57/58cm) -> M
- (59/60cm) -> L
- (61/62cm) -> XL
- (63/64cm) -> XXL

If you now know the size of your future motorcycle helmet, you can choose between many different brands (SHOEI, Airoh, iXS, HJC, BELL,...) and many different helmet types. Here you can choose between jet helmets (without chin strap) with and without visor, integral helmets (known helmet shape, fixed chin section and lockable visor), motocross helmets (with large chin strap, helmet shield and often without visor), enduro helmets (integral helmets with motocross features) folding helmets (chin strap openable) and multi helmet (helmet with conversion options).

Many of these motorcycle helmet types also have different helmet features such as a ventilation system, integrated sun visor, washable inner lining and scratch-resistant, self-tone, heatable or anti-fog and anti-fog visors.