To really enjoy the summer in the garden, on the balcony or at the beach, the right sun protection is important. And the best protection is still shade. The easiest way to get flexible, UV-resistant sun protection is with a parasol. Parasols are indispensable companions for sunny days and offer protection from intense sunlight. There are different types of parasols, specially designed for different uses and environments.

Traffic light parasol
Traffic light parasols are characterised by their lateral orientation, with the parasol pole offset to the side. This means they offer an unobstructed view and plenty of space under the umbrella without an obstructing pole in the middle. Traffic light umbrellas are ideal for terraces, balconies or large open spaces to provide generous shade.

Balcony umbrella
Balcony umbrellas are specially designed for use on balconies. They are usually compact and have a narrow shape to fit well into the limited space of a balcony. Balcony umbrellas provide effective sun protection and allow you to make full use of the outdoor space on your balcony.

Centre pole umbrella
Centre pole umbrellas are the classic version of parasols, with the umbrella pole positioned in the centre of the umbrella. They are versatile and suitable for gardens, terraces or catering establishments. Centre pole parasols offer a solid and stable construction and are available in various sizes.

Beach umbrella
Beach umbrellas are especially designed for use on the beach or outdoors. They are characterised by their lightweight construction, easy handling and high mobility. Beach umbrellas are usually equipped with special fastening systems such as ground spikes to ensure a secure hold in the sand or on other soft surfaces.

What should be considered when buying a parasol?

When buying a parasol, pay attention to whether or not the base is included. If it is not included, it is important that you choose the right weight of base (depending on the size of the parasol) and that the pole diameter fits.
Additionally, pay attention to the size of the parasol to make sure it provides enough shade and fits well with your desired area. Consider the area you want to cover and the space you have available. Choose a parasol that suits your aesthetic preferences and the overall look of your outdoor area. There are a variety of colours, patterns and styles to choose from to suit your individual taste and style.

Regardless of whether you are looking for height-adjustable, tiltable traffic light parasols, parasols with an articulated joint or cane parasols, we will bring the shade exactly where you need it. In our range, you will find a selection of parasols from the brands Suncomfort by Glatz, Doppler, Mutoni Lifestyle and many more and can thus create a pleasant shady spot and protection from the sun.